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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Hoppy Easter!

Since the weather isn’t cooperating outside, we’ve been trying to make it feel a bit more like spring around our offices. What’s the best way to do that? Look at picture books filled with cuddly baby animals, of course! It’s helpful that this Sunday is Easter—the candy bowls in the office are overflowing with jelly beans and chocolate eggs, and all of our Easter and spring books have been put out on display.

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up on this gray day, consider flipping through these fun and seasonal stories with your little one—I promise they won’t disappoint!

Easter Bunny’s Basket

The Easter Bunny is always busy making Easter baskets for girls and boys everywhere…but who makes his Easter basket? This holiday board book, shaped like an Easter basket that kids can actually carry, is filled with lift-the-flaps, behind which are special Easter treats.

The Easter Egg

A little bunny named Hoppi is determined to make the best Easter egg so he will get to help the Easter Rabbit deliver the eggs on Easter morning. But it’s not so easy. Discouraged, Hoppi goes into the woods to think up a plan when a blue robin’s egg tumbles out of its nest. Hoppi keeps it safe and warm until the baby bird hatches, and when the Easter Rabbit arrives, he rewards Hoppi for his act of kindness. By favorite author Jan Brett!

Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors

The brilliantly colorful picture book follows Quiet Bunny as he discovers all the wonderful colors of spring—yellow ducks, green frogs, and blue jays. Quiet Bunny revels in their beauty but begins to wish he was colorful, too. Plain brown and wintry white fur isn’t beautiful, is it? It takes the help of a wise old owl for Bunny to realize that it’s the rainbow of colors—including his own browns and whites—that makes the world so beautiful.

Splat the Cat: Where’s the Easter Bunny?

In this lift-the-flap book, Splat is excited that Easter is coming soon. But as the big day nears, Splat starts to worry: How will the Easter Bunny know what he wants most? He searches high and low so he can tell the Easter Bunny that he’s dreaming of a big Easter egg. Will Splat find him in time?

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