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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Top Five Back-to-School Reads

You may have noticed that this week we have an unofficial Back-to-School theme. We can’t help how excited we are! So in honor of our unofficial theme, we asked all of you over at Facebook today what your favorite back-to-school books were.

Although I must have read hundreds of books in school as I was growing up, the back-to-school books always stick out in my mind. In third grade, I discovered Roald Dahl when my teacher read us Matilda and, to this day, he is one of my favorite authors. First-day-of-school books can deal with nervousness, teach valuable lessons, have the class rolling on the floor with laughter, or just be plain old great reads.

Thank you to everyone who shared the wonderful books they plan to read in their classrooms this year. Check out some of the books that made it to our top five list below!

1. The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing

This book will make every child excited to pack his or her backpack full of new pencils and notebooks and head off to the first day of school.

2. First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg

Kids will empathize with Sarah Jane Hartwell, who is nervous about her first day of school. Wonderful illustrations and a surprise ending make this book a first-day-of-school classic.

3. The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

This book deals with the separation anxiety that many children (and parents!) deal with on the first day of school. Its sweet message will leave readers feeling reassured and ready for anything.

4. The BFG by Roald Dahl

The relationship between Sophie and the Big, Friendly Giant will teach children about the meaning of friendship and bravery.

5. My Teacher Is an Alien by Bruce Coville

The joke is on the teacher in this hilarious and exciting story. Students will love hearing about the friendship between this unique teacher and his students.

You can find all of these books on Book Clubs this fall! And if you haven’t already told us, definitely let us know what your favorite back-to-school book is!

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