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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

nycc featured
New York Comic Con Wrap-Up

On Friday morning, the first sight to greet my eyes as I walked up to the convention center was a group of ten Harry Potters. I have to say, that’s a good way to start the day.

How many Harry Potters do you count?

New York Comic Con, or NYCC as we affectionately call it, can definitely look like a madhouse to the untrained eye. I walked in and was immediately surrounded by Jedis and Transformers—I even spotted a rare Voltron in the crowd.

I’m going to pull a classic comic book move here and go back in time. My NYCC experience actually started on Thursday morning. This was before most of the show had set up, and there were a few academic panels going on. So, my first order of business: a panel called Comics in the Classroom. Surrounded by teachers and librarians, I settled in for a good discussion of how comics can be used alongside traditional literature in schools. There were a lot of really great ideas discussed: using images as context for text, so readers will be more likely to not give up on difficult words; allowing the comic format to aid in retention and comprehension (someone threw out the fact that two months after reading a text, people retain 10 percent…unless there’s an associated image, then it leaps up to 65 percent!); one panelist showed examples of children writing and illustrating their own comic books and then using the student’s own work to talk about grammar and spelling. One of my favorite parts was when someone mentioned, “You know, Shakespeare was meant to be seen and not read in Elizabethan times…” and I thought, it’s true! Maybe Shakespeare never intended for his plays to be read at all!

I hope to see more research done on the idea of comics as literacy tools, so I can’t wait to see where all the organizations involved in the panel end up!

OK, we can fast-forward back to the rest of the weekend now. Where was I? Walking into a full convention center. Chaos. There were plenty of tiny superheroes running around, their parents tagging gleefully behind. Tiny Captain America, Tiny Wolverine, and even an adorably Tiny Wonder Woman. I had my own nerdy fan-girl moments when we walked by a booth where author Tamora Pierce was signing. I squealed and bemoaned the fact that I’d left my Alanna book at home.

Oscar and I got along very well!

On Saturday, we were able to support Jeff Smith, one of our favorite Scholastic authors, at the Bone 20th Anniversary panel! Jeff, alongside new Bone scribe Tom Sniegoski, Associate Editor Cassandra Pelham, and Graphix Publisher David Saylor, spoke about the past, present, and future of Bone. Did you know that Jeff has been drawing some rendition of Fone Bone since he was five years old?? It also inspired me to read the new Bone illustrated novels that Tom has been releasing!

Overall, NYCC was an educating experience. It turns out that Star Wars will always be cool, authors can definitely be rock stars, and reading is not going away anytime soon!

The only sad part? I didn’t see a single person dressed as Chewbacca. :(

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  1. Stella

    We saw an eight year old Chewie on Sunday we didn’t get to see the Frizz though

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