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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Honeybee Buzz: Being My Best in the New Year!

It’s a new year and time for resolutions and change and all sorts of new things! We all know that you can never be too young for a resolution, and the Bear Hugs Mini Board Book Set is a wonderful introduction to the topic. Check out what one mom from our Mom & Dad Squad had to say about this Honeybee January find:

Bear Hugs Mini Board Book Set
Reviewed by Cathy Walker

The board books , Bear’s New Friend, Bear at the Fair, Bear and the Storm, and Bear Has Big Ears were instantly a hit with my toddler. He absolutely loved the pictures in the books (all feature Cooper Bear and Daddy Bear). I loved that all four books are small and can fit into my diaper bag/purse, and I can read them with my son while we’re out and about. The books are only eight pages long and there’s a beautiful illustration on alternating pages, so it’s really just four pages of text.

As a parent, I loved that all four books have a wonderful message and moral that I could use as a spring board to further discuss the topic in the book with my child.

Bear’s New Friend is about sharing and being aware of the feelings of others. Most toddlers and preschoolers are developing self-awareness and are learning about others at the same time. This book shows how Cooper Bear is able to reach out to a new friend and help make him feel welcome

Bear at the Fair is about safety and what to do if you get lost. It’s a great way to start a conversation about what to do if your child ever gets lost/separated from you. I especially liked it because I’m taking my son to our state fair this upcoming week and the book fits perfectly with our plans!

Bear and the Storm is a book that most parents will love because most little ones are afraid of storms. It’s a cute book about talking about fears and being comforted by a loved one through a scary time.

Lastly, Bear Has Big Ears was my favorite. It starts off with Cooper Bear complaining that his ears are too big, and then folding his ears in half and pinning them down to be smaller. Children are aware of how alike and different they are from their peers, and this book is a wonderful way to help children of all ages learn to accept themselves for all their uniqueness! Cooper’s daddy shares with him that he felt like his nose was too big when he was Cooper’s age. Through talking and sharing, Cooper realizes that he’s perfect just as he is. This book is a great way to open dialogue with children about their insecurities and how to build self-esteem. I loved it and found it to be a very sweet book.

All four of these books are packed with powerful messages that build self-esteem and create wonderful opportunities for deep discussions with your child. I highly recommend the set and promise that your little one will fall in love with Cooper Bear just as quickly as my son did!

You can find the Bear Hugs Mini Board Book Set on Honeybee January!

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