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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Show Us Your S(h)elves: James Dashner!

We’ve got a brand-new contributor to Show Us Your S(h)elves! James Dashner, creator of The Maze Runner trilogy, was kind enough to take a quick picture of his (enviably stocked) bookshelves. Between Harry Potter and The Wheel of Time, this is one bookshelf I would not mind stealing! But enough from me…check out what Mr. Dashner had to say about his shelves:

This is my favorite book nook in the house, the corner of my office. I do a lot of writing in that chair and being surrounded by books really gets me in the mood! If you look really hard, you’ll see some Stephen King, some Tolkien, and perhaps my favorite book of all time, Ender’s Game. Did I mention I love books?

Click through for full sized image.

You can find his latest The Death Cure on TAB and the Teen Reader’s Club, and The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials on the Teen Readers’ Club this January!

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6 Responses

  1. This is awesome! What a cute little nook :P I just finished reading The Death Cure too

  2. Sweeeeeeeet. What a great set up. I LOVE the corner shelf. I can see we have a lot of the same similar tastes. :) Love the 39 clues section. :) You know there’s a really cool author with the same name as you on some of those. :) haha Thanks for the peek into your life.

  3. He’s got Divergent :) The Maze Runner series was one of my favorites! I LOVED it! Funny how he doesn’t have his own books on there :P

  4. Leslie Blezkerman

    Ha, is it bad that I found Ender’s Game instantly, before I even knew it was there? I didn’t read the paragraph first :)
    It’s my all time favorite book.

  5. Tricia C

    Someone likes Stephen King and Dean Koontz! :P I also see Divergent. And Ender’s Game. Omg isn’t that the BEST sci-fi book ever!?

  6. Jason M

    awesome i think i saw The Kane Chronicals in there. not sure though. wats the ender’s game about. am 11 so i dont know but i love all the maze runners. email me!

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