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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Happy Lunar New Year!

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My favorite holiday of the year has finally arrived—the Lunar New Year! This year millions of Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and other Asians are ringing in the Year of the Dragon.

My celebration began yesterday with bai nian, the Chinese tradition of visiting family for the New Year. We exchanged oranges (symbols of good luck) and Grandma made some delicious jin deui (fried dough filled with sweet red bean paste, covered with roasted sesame seeds) and ni gao (yellow sponge cakes). My cousins and I (the younger, unmarried generation) received hong bao—red envelopes filled with lucky money for the New Year!

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In the afternoon, my family went to Chinatown for the New Year festivities. The streets were filled with confetti, loud firecrackers, and my favorite—lion dancers! The loud noises from the firecrackers and the beating of drums, along with the lion costumes, are believed to ward off evil spirits.

The night ended with our annual family dinner—nian ye fan. The family-style dinner consists of eight dishes (the number eight is another symbol of good luck). Each dish has a symbolic meaning to usher in wealth, happiness, health, good fortune, and success!

Gong hay fot choy! Sun nien fai lok! (May good fortune come to you! Happy New Year!)

Jennifer manages marketing and merchandising for the Arrow, TAB, and TRC Book Clubs. She’s an ABC (American-born Chinese) who loves both hamburgers AND rice!

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  1. Thanks, Jennifer! Happy new year of dragon! I just shared this fabulous msg on our fan page. Best, Helen

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