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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Super Bowl vs. Puppy Bowl!

Two of our Book Club staffers went all in on a Super Bowl versus Puppy Bowl debate!

First up, we have Dorian, the Super Bowl savant:

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday? Now, are you really ready, or are you just saying you’re ready? No matter what category you fall into, the game is on its way, and those of us in the New York headquarters have drawn a line in the sand. The Patriots fans are on one (dark) side and the Giants fans are on another (better) side*. The energy is palpable, electric, and fun-spirited. We’ve read up on the stats, we’ve heard what the experts have to say, and we’ve even read the books written by some of the stars. Family Huddle (on Club Shop this month) by Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning reminds us all how much fun the game can be for the whole family: Mother, father, brother, sister, and…puppy?

Now, let’s hear from Alyssa, who can’t resist the MVPs (most valuable puppies!) on Animal Planet:

We’re just days away from the biggest night in sports—and this year, the competition will definitely be “ruff!” Forget the Super Bowl—this Sunday night, football is going to the dogs!


Since 2005, Animal Planet has hosted the Puppy Bowl—two hours of adorable rivalry between the cutest pups in the nation. Featuring a piggy pep squad, a hamster camera crew, and a kitty halftime show, the Puppy Bowl is my absolute favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday! From tiny terriers to sporty shepherds, I love watching these roly-poly pups run, jump, and play their way into the end zone.


And the best part about the Puppy Bowl, besides the water bowl cam? Each of these cuddly participants is up for adoption from dog rescue agencies around the country!


So join me in trading in your boos and yays for awwws and forget Manning versus Brady—this year, it’s all about the puppies! I mean, where else can you see a penalty flag thrown for excessive cuteness?


Check out last year’s puppy playmakers in the Puppy Bowl Yearbook, available on Arrow and SeeSaw this month!

*Scholastic in no way supports one team over the other, of course. These are the thoughts of one crazy Californian and do not reflect the general sentiment of the company.

Dorian works in Scholastic Book Clubs and lives in New York, NY. He hopes to one day find a job where he will be paid in brie.

Alyssa is a Marketing Coordinator for Scholastic Book Clubs. Besides gushing over puppies, she enjoys reading, doodling, and a good grilled cheese sandwich.

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