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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

A Teacher Reflects on an Author Visit from Chris Rylander

Over the past few weeks, Fourth Stall fever hit Underwood Elementary School in Underwood, Minnesota, as the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders were introduced to Mac and his gang. Everywhere you looked, students could be seen with a copy of the book, and this week ecstatic fans had a chance to meet the funny man who created this hilarious tale.

This recent author visit wasn’t quite held in a bathroom, but students got advice from Chris Rylander on what it takes to be a writer and how he became inspired to write The Fourth Stall. The story is all about a boy named Mac and the “helpful” business he runs out of the fourth stall in the boys’ bathroom at his school.

As Chris explained to his newest admirers that authors are real people who do normal things like play video games, he also mesmerized the readers with an exciting explanation of how he created this tale that they had not been able to put down. Interesting stories about his inspiration for various characters had the students giggling and laughing as Vince, Mac, and Kitten truly came alive.

Excitement about The Fourth Stall was evident throughout this author visit, especially as Chris announced that there will be two more books in the series. The audience was buzzing, trying to figure out what adventures Mac and Vince will face in the upcoming sequels.

After Chris’s visit was over, Fourth Stall fever continued as readers discussed Mac’s adventures with even more excitement. Those who had not had a chance to read the book yet made time because this is a book no one should miss out on.

Kim teaches fifth and sixth grade reading in Underwood, Minnesota. She recently rescued “Spike,” an injured bald eagle who wandered into her backyard.

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  1. ben

    did he go to college or have jobs before writing? i need for project

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