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May 13, 2016


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May 2, 2016

March Parent Circle

It’s time for our March Parent Circle reviews! Check out the excerpts below and click through for the whole post.

Happy Easter! Pack of 5 Books
Available on March Firefly
Reviewed by No Time for Flash Cards

“This 5 pack of Easter themed books is a great mix of stories focusing on different parts of the holiday.” Read More

Salsa for Kittens & Puppies Book and CD
Available on Club Leo
Reviewed by Spanglish Baby

“My 5-year-old daughter is not only hooked on the music, but she LOVES the story in the booklet and has made me read it to her several times since the CD arrived. It’s hard to tell which one’s her favorite song because they’re all different, but I think “Bailar rápido (Bailar tranquilo) is definitely up there. My son loves the salsa version of “Old MacDonald.” Just a couple of nights ago, we played the CD in my daughter’s room and both kids burned a bunch of energy bailando… ok, I too. It’s that good!” Read More

Let’s Read and Find Out: Spring Nature Pack of 3 Books
Available on March SeeSaw
Reviewed by Chasing Supermom

“I had the pleasure of reviewing three books from the Let’s-Read-And-Find-Out Science series, made available in the March SeeSaw flyer from Scholastic. This incredible series of books walks you and your child through a science related topic in a very straightforward and understandable way. I had used (and loved!) several of the books from this series in my kindergarten classroom, and was so excited to be able to share these with my own children. Each of these books presents a wealth of material in kid-friendly language. Many of the books provide additional information for families who want to extend their learning and discover more about the topic on their own. ” Read More

The Pocket Prank Star Book
Available on April Lucky
Reviewed by She Saved

Laughter rocks. Especially when you get to enjoy laughter with kids… and my kids love to laugh, which makes me laugh even more. Even a dumb joke is funny, when you get in a silly mood…and that is what The Pocket Prank Star is all about. We giggled all the way through this thing, and now my son carries it around like a diary to record favorite jokes, pranks (it even allows him to “rank a prank”… based on how funny/successful it was!” Read More

When I Woke Up I was a Hippopotamus by Tom MacRae and Ross Collins
Available on March SeeSaw
Reviewed by 5 Minutes for Mom

“One thing I really loved about the book is how the boy’s mom and dad help him find a way to feel like himself again and to enjoy their activities together. It is so nice to see parents being shown giving direction and help to their kids and how that can turn a difficult day around.” Read More

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  1. Peggy Sterling

    How do I get regular updates and be able to order for my 5 year old grandson, my 12 year old grand daughter and nieces and nephews ranging from 1,2 and 3 to 5, 7 and 9?
    I prefer to give Scholastic books for gifts!

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