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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

LEGO®: An Inside Look!

Tim Goddard, Master Builder Featured in The LEGO® Ideas Book

A little about Tim:

Since I was able to put two bricks together I’ve been building with LEGO bricks. When I was younger I was into different LEGO themes at different times; I would collect and build medieval sets for six months, then change to LEGO City for a while, then I had a spell of pirate sets, but space was the theme that really stuck and I kept coming back to. In the end all the other LEGO themes got broken apart and turned into spaceships and control centers!

On top of each set of drawers and cupboards in my bedroom I had a different base set up, and the spacemen could fly between them or even take the monorail! When the LEGO Group released the Star Wars sets, I started collecting and building those. I started building original MOCs (My Own Creations) and getting positive feedback from friends. I specialized in building micro-scale models, although some of them were fairly big!

I then discovered the Brickish Association, a group of grown-up LEGO fans in the UK, and began displaying models at public events. These LEGO communities have given me lots of inspiration and I now build micro-scale space creations outside of the Star Wars universe. I build a lot of different things as well now; I enjoy building animals and robots and re-creating real objects.

This love for the bricks is what caused LEGO to contact me so I could help with early product development, and I am featured in a number of LEGO books with some more to come in the future!

Book Box Daily: When did you get your first set of LEGO bricks?
Tim Goddard:
I’m not quite sure; I’ve had LEGO for as long as I can remember! I do remember inheriting some old LEGO from a neighbor when I was very young and I also remember getting about five LEGO space sets one Christmas when I was about eight and setting them all out on the dinner table!

BBD: What was your favorite model to make when you were a kid?
I loved making spaceships! I didn’t have as many bricks when I was young as I do now but I was always trying to make as big a ship as I could.

BBD: What’s your favorite model to build now?
TG: I still love building spaceships! I specialize more in small-scale craft now, or micro-scale as us LEGO builders call it. This often involves using as many little LEGO pieces as possible in a small space to make very detailed models. I often spend many hours working on something that fits in the palm of my hand, like these futuristic racers.

BBD: What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever built with LEGO bricks?
TG: Because I like building little things, I have built a few big dioramas for them to fly around.
This one was built in collaboration with a friend of mine, Pete Reid. It is an alien world called Panduro and has lots of different types of micro-scale craft and buildings as well as brick-built landscaping.
I have also just finished the biggest single building I have ever made; it’s called the Triport Spire and it has a working elevator and lots of lights!

BBD: How did you come up with all your ideas in The LEGO® Ideas Book?
TG: My section in the book was called “Out of This World,” so I wanted to build all sorts of things that you might find in space! I wanted each model to be a bit different, so I thought of all the different types of spaceships I could, and then I thought about how future vehicles might get around on the ground. Would they have wheels or tank tracks? They might have legs or even float! I also tried to come up with a different color scheme for each build to make them all interesting.

BBD: What’s the idea you’re most proud of in The LEGO® Ideas Book?
TG: I really like all of them! I am proud of the little “Admirals Interceptor” (page 82) because it was one of the first models I made for the book. It’s fairly simple, but I think the colors look really good. The “Moon Miner” (page 92) is the model I’m most proud of, though. It has lots of cool action features like the retracting laser drill, and it comes with three spacemen, two robots, and lots of accessories. It is the kind of set I would have loved when I was a kid!

BBD: Which brick do you find you use the most often? Which is your favorite?
TG: I use a lot of little but basic bits like the 1×1 round plate or the 1×2 tile grill. Little bricks let you add lots of detail to your models. One of my favorite bits is a 1×1 brick with extra studs on four sides; it lets you build in five different directions at once!

BBD: What’s the most impressive LEGO model you’ve ever seen?
TG: A massive model of the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. It is built to mini-fig scale and is the most amazing LEGO model I have ever seen. It was built by a friend of mine, Ed Diment, and is now on display aboard the real thing!

BBD: Do you have any advice for future LEGO builders if they want to be on a LEGO building team?
TG: Build as much as you can, and build as many different things as you can think of! Make sure you enjoy what you build and try to think of different ways to build the same thing.
A lot of the designers I know who work for LEGO have a background in art or design so it helps to do that sort of thing at school.


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