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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

A Big THANK-YOU to Our Marvelous Mommies

Our mommies nurture us, love us, nag us, and hug us—and this Sunday we take a step back and say a big thank-you for everything they do to make us happy. We thank them for all the advice they’ve given and continue to give us, for all the worrying they do for us, and for all the times they’ve tucked us in to bed and read us a story. We love you, moms!

What better way to recognize our magnificent mothers than by reading stories about them? For the younger readers, Just Me and My Mom, Mama Loves, and Where’s My Mommy? are excellent reads that’ll make mommies proud.

Moms always love their kiddies regardless of what sticky or wacky situations they get themselves in. In Just Me and My Mom by Mercer Mayer, frisky Little Critter can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble! When he and his mother spend the day together in Mayer’s quirky yet realistic version of New York City, Little Critter can’t control his clumsiness—but that doesn’t stop his mother from loving him. Even after he gets hold of a dinosaur egg from the Museum of Natural History (an obvious no-no), Little Critter’s mom still loves him dearly, and Mayer conveys her affection by having them cuddle on their way back home. Like all mothers, she understands that kids are supposed to make mistakes—and learn from them. This adorable story will make you want to give your mom a big, snuggly hug!

In Mama Loves, written by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and illustrated by Kathryn Brown, piglet siblings discuss the things their mother enjoys. From nature’s beauty to dancing in her slippers, readers will learn about the eclectic things the piglets’ mother loves! Sweetly enough, the piglets quickly realize that what their mother enjoys most of all is doing what she loves with them. The bond between mother and child is powerfully evident in this book, which will certainly encourage readers to think about loving relationships. The title is very fitting, and the illustrations of the pig family in the garden gently complement the text.

In Jo Brown’s wonderful read-aloud, Where’s My Mommy?, a cute newborn crocodile is unable to find his mother. The colorful pictures and easy-to-read text take readers through an animated world of different jungle animals, as the protagonist goes on an adventurous quest to find his mother. What I absolutely love about this story is how the little crocodile is only able to make his crocodile noise, “SNAP!” He realizes that the animal who also says “SNAP!” must be his mother. Each animal makes a strikingly different noise, which makes this story fun to read out loud. We all have something in common with our mothers, whether it is found in our genes or in our personalities. We all have our own kind of “SNAP!”

For older readers, who doesn’t love Beverly Cleary’s Ramona stories? All girls have their Ramona moments, which is why Ramona and Her Mother, the fifth book in the series, has such a timeless appeal. Ramona is just your average seven-and-a-half-year-old who is worried that her mother doesn’t love her. Cleary does an excellent job of portraying how marital tensions (quibbles between the Quimby parents) and other domestic problems affect children, and showing the ways that children cope with anxiety (such as when Ramona wears her cuddly pj’s under her clothes). Feeling unloved and also betrayed as a result of an incident at school with her teacher, Ramona decides to run away from home. She is upset and surprised when her mother helps her pack her suitcase, though she soon learns that her mom loves her dearly when she makes the suitcase too heavy for Ramona to lift. This heartfelt story will make you say “aw” and shed a few tears, and you’ll want to walk right up to your mother and tell her how much you love her.

Here’s to the ladies who bring power to the letter M. Let’s have a round of applause for the marvelous moms!

Just Me and My Mom, Where’s My Mommy?, and Mama Loves are available in the Mother’s Day Pack in Honeybee May

Ramona and Her Mother is available in Lucky May


Annie Miller joined the Book Clubs staff recently and is a former English major, food blogger, and current children’s book lover!

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