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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

The Reader That I Am: Bedtime for Frances

Kids love seeing their names in print. And these days parents make sure their children’s names are everywhere—on their bedroom walls, backpacks, and clothing. When I was a kid, the big thrill was finding your name on little chotchkes in stores like Walmart and the Old Country Store at Cracker Barrel restaurants. As you can imagine, though, with a name like Sada, I had a hard time finding anything pre-made with my name on it (actually you can say that I have never found anything with my name on it—ever).

The same was true for books. Relating to the character was easy when she shared your name. It’s no coincidence that for my mom, Sally, her favorite picture book growing up was Blueberries for Sal. So even though I pretty much liked every book my parents picked out for me, I think by four years old I had resigned myself to the fact that there just weren’t any girls in any books that were really like me. That was, until I met a badger named Frances. Well, Frances just happens to be my middle name, so I was overly eager to read about her, but a little skeptical about her nonetheless. It was only my middle name. But it sure did start off good. Frances hated bedtime? Hmm, I hated bedtime! There was a scary-looking crack on Frances’s bedroom ceiling? I’d been staring at one of those in my bedroom for years! And, wow, by the end of the book, Frances was pretty tired. I could relate.…Frances showed me that there is a little bit of me in all of my favorite characters, no matter what their names (or species) are. I’ll always be grateful to her (and my mom) for making me the reader that I am today.

Written by Sada Stipe, Arrow Editorial Manager.

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