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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Paws Dog Featured
The Dogs Are Setting a Fast Pace in the Reading Race

as told by the Dogs

The Dogs take a pause from reading to share this post!

Click on the picture to download it!

When we heard about this grrr-eat challenge (and the chance to show the Cats who’s boss), the Dogs jumped right in! But the competition has been ruff and the Cats are on our tails! Thanks to all the smart young readers who joined our team and are keeping us ahead (for now!).


Remember, for every 20 reading minutes logged, Scholastic will donate a book for a child in need. So run with the Dogs and help us donate 250,000 books!

Jump over to scholastic.com/paws to join the race!

Teachers: There’s plenty of room for more alpha dogs (and cool cats, too)—make sure your class is signed up.

Parents: Kids earn fun badges, printable bookmarks, and other rewards as their reading minutes grow!




6 Responses

  1. Mrs. Chriss

    My students are having fun with this program! Thanks for giving them extra motivation to read at home and help other kids at the same time!

  2. Martha Noyes

    Great program

  3. Sandra Edwards

    my son read for 20 mintes on monday

  4. Marna Burstein

    I really miss you featuring big books. Everyone does not have a smart board and big books are so wonderful for whole group lessons. Will they ever be featured for a reasonable price as they used to be featured? Marna

  5. i love paws for reading im in it.

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