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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Fall into Autumn!


Here at Scholastic Book Clubs we absolutely adore autumn because it means two things: back to school and awesome new books! And what better way to celebrate this brisk, fruitful season than by reading books about it? Autumn is definitely my favorite season—a colder wind cools down the humid temperatures, the leaves begin to change colors, and the smell of the air is pleasantly perfect. The weather is impeccable for apple picking and for finding a reason to read a wonderful book outdoors! I live two blocks away from Central Park, and nothing is quite like reading a great story on a September afternoon in the grassy Strawberry Fields, sipping on warm apple cider.

Three books that certainly come to mind when I think of autumn are Mouse’s First Fall and Mouse Loves School by Lauren Thompson, as well as Curious George: Apple Harvest (which stars the beloved characters created by Margret and H. A. Rey). The first two books, featured in Honeybee’s Mouse in Autumn Pack, describe a curious character named Mouse who deals with a lot of new experiences. In the first story he learns all about fall—the different type of leaves that change colors and how fun it is to play in piles of them with his friend Minka! In the second story, Mouse discovers something new—an exciting place where his curiosity can flourish with other animal children—school! In Firefly’s Curious George: Apple Harvest, George’s curiosity leads him to an awesome pastime—apple picking in autumn! With his best buddy, the man in the yellow hat, George picks delicious apples and learns how to make them into sweet cider.

To learn more about this tranquil, perfect season and its fun outdoor activities, check out these reads in Honeybee and Firefly September.

The Mouse in Autumn Pack in Honeybee September [Teachers|Parents] includes Mouse’s First Fall and Mouse Loves School by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Buket Erdogan.

Curious George: Apple Harvest is featured in Firefly September [Teachers|Parents].

Written by Book Clubs Creative and Strategic Management Assistant Annie Miller. Annie officially joined the Book Clubs staff in February. She is a former English major and food blogger—and a current children’s book lover!


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