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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Judy Newman, President of Scholastic Book Clubs

Teachers! We have a special message for you from the president of Scholastic Book Clubs, Judy Newman. We are so excited to spend this school year with you and share some of our new ideas, but we’re most excited to hear what you have to say. Judy will be stopping by Facebook and Book Box Daily throughout the school year so she can hear from all of you. Check out her special video message below:


Hi everybody. My name is Judy Newman and I’m the president of Scholastic Book Clubs and there are two things I’d like to say to you. First of all, on behalf of everyone at Scholastic,  we know that teachers have the hardest and most important job on the planet and we’re there for you.  While we can’t solve every problem that you have, what we can be is a trusted and reliable partner to help you get great books to every kid in your class.  And the second thing is, please look for exciting announcements on how  we are going to deliver on that promise, on Facebook, on our blog and through all kinds of communications this fall. Welcome back to school and thank you so much for everything you do.

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17 Responses

  1. xochitl

    hello judy i have two question to ask you, if i sign up would i be able to get a flyer of the book oders mailed to my house or i have to pick it up at school? and the second question is could i be 18 to sighn up or do i have to be a parent in order to sighn up to make an account here?

    • Preeti

      We appreciate your interest in Scholastic Book Clubs! Scholastic Book Clubs purchase the rights from many publishers to produce and distribute books through the school market only. Our rights limit us to selling Book Club products only to teachers at established schools and to parents who homeschool their children. Do you homeschool your children (kindergarten or above)? If so, please call one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-SCHOLASTIC (1-800-724-6527) to learn more about how to establish a Book Club account and receive our Book Club flyers. Our flyers can also be viewed and downloaded by visiting https://clubs2.scholastic.com/clubs/ and selecting “Current Flyers” at the top of the page. If your children attend an early childhood center or primary school and your children’s teachers do not participate in Book Clubs, you can go to http://bit.ly/pnrb3j and click on “Tell Your Teacher!” There, you will find a great letter you can print and give to your children’s teachers to help encourage them to welcome Scholastic Book Clubs into their classrooms. Please feel free to email us at clubs.socialmedia@scholastic.com with any additional questions you may have; we are always happy to help!

  2. SusyS

    Thank you Judy and Scholastic. I love the variety of relevant articles posted on Facebook that I put to use right away in my classroom, and I love how often I can give free books to students because of your company’s generosity. Scholastic continues to impress me with their charity to others as well, and my students enjoy your reading challenges. I loved you as a young student, and I am grateful to you now as a teacher.

  3. Louise Stearns

    Is there a way that we, as teachers, can suggest titles for you to offer? The order forms used to occasionally have a form that we could fill out and list titles we would like to see included.

  4. Diane Henderson

    Please return to pricing all items with even dollar amounts. It makes life so much easier when children want to pay for items with cash.

    • Timothy Vandenberg

      MUCH agreed! the $xx.99 style of pricing makes our job as order-placers SO much more complicated & time-consuming! And kids already have a hard enough time adding up whole numbers, let alone digits in the decimal places, especially for their large orders. Scholastic: PLEASE go back to whole numbers! :)

    • di

      Ditto!!! Please change the prices back to even dollar amounts.

  5. Beth Costello

    I have used Scholastic Book Clubs for many years. I like the change that allows the parents to order online. I do however have a problem with the constant change of the online order forms. It seems as if they are changed every year. Some changes have been for the better, but this year when I placed my order and used a coupon, the books came up in a different order then in previous years. The books from the catalog were not first as in the past, which I didn’t notice until my order arrived, and I had ordered the wrong items. I don’t normally look at the number, I look for the title. In this case, I ended up ordering the CD’s, not the books. I did e-mail your staff, and they were very helpful, as they have been in the past when I have had a problem. Please try to keep the online forms the same for awhile…teaching old dogs new tricks isn’t easy. I also have just one more comment. This is about the $3.00 book coupons we receive when a parent orders online. I don’t think it’s right that a parent has to spend money for us to get it and then spend more money for us to use it. Needing a $20.00 order to use the coupon requires that more books be purchased. Anyway, I don enjoy getting books not only for our classroom, but also for the students for special occasions.

    Thank you for your time,

    Beth Costello

    PS..How about a few more $1.00 books each month?

  6. Cherie Helmer

    I teach 5th grade and have some accelerated readers in class. They have read through every book I can think of, so I am looking for challenging books that would be content appropriate. They are not ready for young adult books yet.
    Thanks, Cherie

  7. Alana S

    I was wondering if you could make a Scholastic plastic bag and include a few in each delivery box? This way teachers can place student orders into the plastic bags with your logo on it instead of putting books in a grocery store bag to go home. Maybe a red bag with Scholastic on it. It would be great advertising for you all and make the purchase look special. Preferably a bag that you can’t see through because often the books are purchased by parents as a gift for their child.

    Thanks, Alana

  8. Gerzaicah

    I am of Gerzaicah M. Lucas Villa Juan Grade 5 Elem. School located at Brgy. Sagaba, Sto.Domingo, Nueva Ecija. As a student, I do see the problem of my fellow students, and one of these is the lack of books, Because am here, I felt impressed Knock Pong with good hearts who want to share their help by providing of books, new or used to help our school. I am hopeful and thank you for your response. For donations please, please call this number +639327611740

  9. Bridget McDaniel

    Hi Judy and Staff at Scholastic,
    I am a Pre-K teacher who still loves Big Books! I have 200+ titles and am looking for more. I understand that the electronic delivery of children’s literature is probably more cost effective, but the books are available everywhere! I used to look forward to the Big Books being offered on a monthly basis. Do you have an old warehouse of them you’d like to unload?? I would love to find some of my missing titles!

  10. Lisa Redding

    Dear Scholastic,
    I miss the picture view you had last year. When I choose the browsing view, it doesn’t show me all of the books available. I’m a visual person and I like to see the covers of the books. Please consider returning that as an option. Thank you.

  11. Melissa Grace

    Dear Scholastic,
    Our school holds monthly literacy nights, and, through a grant, is able to send one free book home with each child each month with our “Building Home Libraries” campaign. In the recent past, I have ordered the instant libraries (25 books for $25) from all reading levels in order to have a diverse selection of books for our students to choose from at a great price. I was looking to order more of these libraries but have been told you are not offering them. Is this true? Is it possible to order bulk books at a cost efficient price from your site? I have looked into the value packs but cannot come close to the savings per book I get from ordering these instant libraries. I am just trying to do all I can to put books into the hands of my students and stretch our budget to meet our needs. Is there anything you can do to help me with this? I appreciate your consideration.

    Thank you.
    Melissa Grace
    Reading Specialist

  12. Elaine Gatins

    Hi Judy and staff,
    I, too, would appreciate “Scholastic” bags for book order deliveries and agree that this would be GREAT advertising for Scholastic. A solid color would definitely be best for “gifts” and plastic would be preferred, although a sturdy paper would work. Since I think it is tacky to deliver my book orders in grocery bags, I always purchase zipper type plastic bags instead. I would even be willing to pay (a small amount)for “Scholastic” bags or would love to use bonus points. Please consider adding these bags to the bonus catalog or even better, as an option each month. It would be a nice touch to provide these as a perk to Red Apple Teachers.
    Thanks for considering!

  13. Jill Dahm

    Dear Judy and Staff,
    I am not sure if I understand Book Box correctly.There are questions the other teachers have asked that I also want to see answered. Do you answer each question individually or will you post answers to all these questions?
    Thanks for making books affordable and classroom libraries fun. You guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work!

  14. Lisa Schroeder

    I’m going to ditto the comments re: bags for books and add one more thought.
    When we separate the slips with each student’s order, we no longer have a back up copy, thus having to make notes as to who is due back ordered books. It would be wonderful to have one paper copy and one sticker copy that we could put on the individual orders.

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