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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Welcome back!

I’m Judy Newman, president of Scholastic Book Clubs, and I’m so happy to be writing my first post on BookBox Daily. Earlier this week, I welcomed you back to school in this video and thanked you for the important work you do each day. Everyone here at Book Clubs is dedicated to supporting teachers, and we’ve made it our mission to help you get great books into the hands of your students. I’m excited to share some ways we plan to do that this year.

Over the past eight months, book experts from across the country have been meeting weekly at Scholastic with the goal of finding the best books for children. After reviewing thousands of books, title by title, these experts selected 3,000 books that they consider to be the best children’s lit of all time. These books were chosen because of their ability to help children learn to love reading. I can’t wait to share these fantastic books with you and your students when the collection launches this winter.

Here at Book Clubs, we pride ourselves on finding the books kids want to read, but we can’t do that without you. I want to know how we can help you make reading fun, easy, and accessible for your students. Starting this Monday, I’ll be using Facebook and Book Box Daily to start a conversation with our customers about how we can work together to spread the joy of reading. Please take a moment to comment on our Facebook page or e-mail me directly at Judy.Newman@Scholastic.com with your thoughts and suggestions—I can’t wait to hear from you.

Happy reading,


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16 Responses

  1. Janet Godma

    I would like to see the price of books on the book orders
    return to an even dollar amount, for example: $4.00, instead of $3.99. It is so much easier to deal with. It was like that for a short time and then it was changed back again :(
    Other than that, I LOVE your reasonable prices on books!

    • Michelle Dozeman

      I agree! I was SO excited to see the even dollar amounts last year (all of our teachers were). It was so much more user friendly for teachers and parents. It was devastating not to see it again this year. :( I’m hoping that it will change back!

      I also appreciate the opportunity for inexpensive and free books for students and the classroom.

  2. I agree with Janet, make the prices an even dollar amount. I would like to receive the little mini books again. I would receive one for every child in my class at least once during the school year and the calendar that included author’s birthdays too.

  3. Janel

    Please go back to charging even dollar amounts. It was so much easier for everyone and I cannot imagine people would mind paying $5 rather than $4.99. I noticed that last year the .99
    started creaping back in for certain books and now this year everything is like that.

  4. Buena Kaylor

    I’d like to see more books sold individually rather than in sets. My parents might be able to come up with the money for one book…but when they look at the price of a set(even though it is a good value) they are more likely to pass. Also, I agree with Janet. It makes dealing with cash a pain!

  5. Suzanne Kofler

    I wish that the if a book is offered as a Storia e-books, it was a paperback as well though. The high interest graphic novels are not all in paperback though the e-version is available. Not all my students are not in situations where they can afford e-readers. Some don’t even have internet at home.

  6. Jeri Francis

    I would like to see some of the better quality books offered. The Magic Tree House, A to Z Mysteries, Boxcar Children, etc. are great.

  7. T Cayouette

    I also would love to see the prices return to whole dollar amounts – so much easier for parents and teachers.

    Also, I love having online catalogs available to parents, but this year, it seems I have less control over which ones are available to my families. I liked being able to specifically choose the catalogs that I think have the books that are most appropriate for my students’ age and reading levels. Losing this capability is making me consider not utilizing the parent online ordering component of Scholastic for next year.

    However, I do appreciate the clarity of my packing list – telling me exactly what each child ordered online – that is a huge improvement!

  8. Karen Heath

    I really need all the book club parent letters in Spanish. The town I live in is 52% Hispanic and at least half of those parents don’t read any english. It takes forever to get something translated through the school(they don’t want to do extra things like a book club), and my parents are asking for letters in Spanish.

  9. Liz

    I totally agree with previous posts about returning to whole dollar amounts. I didn’t realize almost all of the items ended in .99 until I was scrambling to find a penny to give change back to one of my students. Most of my students pay in cash, so this is going to be a big hassle!

  10. Becky Trudgen

    I don’t usually participate in your contests, student writing competitions etc., but my class decided to sign up for and participate in your Paws reading competition. My kids are very excited and loved choosing the cat or dog team. I think they will really spend extra time reading to help their “team”. Great idea. The downloadable items look cute too.
    I am in agreement that the even dollar amounts are much better to total and deal with especially when the kids bring in cash instead of a check.

  11. Carmen Engle

    I would like to know if the Authors & Illustrators and the Voices catalogues are only available during the winter months. I recall the selections being interesting and validating for children. The offerings in the Voices catalogue takes asmall bit of pressure off parents and educators to find literature that is both educational (non-fiction and fiction) and inspiring. Especially for youth who may find few examples in their daily lives of what they can potentially aspire to do and become in their lives.

  12. Gerzaicah M. Lucas

    I am of Gerzaicah M. Lucas Villa Juan Grade 5 Elem. School located at Brgy. Sagaba, Sto.Domingo, Nueva Ecija. As a student, I do see the problem of my fellow students, and one of these is the lack of books, Because am here, I felt impressed Knock Pong with good hearts who want to share their help by providing of books, new or used to help our school. I am hopeful and thank you for your response. For donations please, please call this number +639327611740

  13. Jennifer Lenz

    I agree with previous posters about rounding up to an even dollar amount for the book prices. It was a welcome change when it first came out, but now we’re right back to having to whip out the calculator… I hope we can go back to having $4.00 books rather than $3.99 books!

    I am a huge fan of the nonfiction and math/science book orders that are offered now and then. Keep it up!

  14. Tammy Dhanota

    I am a parent of a 1st and 3rd grader in California. Last year, my then 2nd grader tested at an AR 6.0 so I am struggling to find books for her. She wants to order from her class catalog, but it only offer easy 3.0 books primarily. My husband and I need that catalog to include harder books at her level. I’ve been able to do it online, now but seems like others might need this as well? I also agree with the individual books. I already ordered sets in previous years so i need to pick from individuals now for my first grader or I get duplicates. And the straight dollar amounts work for me as well. Thank YOU for the reasonable prices. It doesn’t make me feel bad for skipping the library as we pretty much have our own library from you. :-)

  15. Jenn

    I am an early childhood educator. I fully understand that one of the ways that scholastic can make books so affordable for us is to “skimp” on some production costs. My 4 year olds mostly handle books well and even then the pages fall out. We tape the books back together and they can last for years. My toddlers, however, can not handle this. while you do offer a variety of board books they are not usually available for many non fiction topics. My suggestion would be to make some of your easy non fiction (the ones with one sentence per page) available as board books as well so that even the youngest ones could be given the opportunity to experience these books.

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