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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

We’re Kakooma Crazy…

And you should be too! Check out creator Greg Tang’s top five reasons why kids should play Kakooma, and watch the awesome videos below to learn more about the game, as well other great games and materials you can find on GregTangMath.com!

Five Reasons Kids Should Play Kakooma
by Kakooma creator Greg Tang

1. Mastery of Math Facts: To solve a single puzzle, kids often do more than a hundred computations in their heads. Practice is the key to mastery, and Kakooma is the key to practice!

2. Improved Number Sense: Sure, Kakooma increases computational speed. But just as importantly, it improves number sense—that intuitive feel for numbers kids need to be good at math.

3. Algebraic Thinking Skills: Kakooma, with three variations and ten levels per game, teaches kids to think abstractly and generalize what they know—critical components of new state and Common Core math standards.

4. Hours of Enjoyment: Kakooma is so fun it’s addictive—in a good way! Imagine kids actually clamoring to play a math game. It’s a wonderful sight to behold!

5. Smart Students: Skills improve quickly with Kakooma due to the sheer number of calculations

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