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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Guy Vasilovich Charms Us with a Halloween Treat!

Who knew that a spoof on “The 12 Days of Christmas” could be so creepy? Author Guy Vasilovich certainly does the trick—­and it’s a real treat! In his first-ever book, The 13 Nights of Halloween, Vasilovich intertwines this familiar Christmas tune with his ghoulish text, making it a fantastic read-aloud for youngsters and a fun time for the entire family. The pixieish narrator’s gifts are unlocked by a shiny skeleton key—instead of a true love giving her beautiful turtledoves and French hens, her mummy showers her with slimy eyeballs, skulls, and other hair-raising surprises! Vasilovich creatively presents many of the gifts as puns: “three baseball bats” are really bats flying around in baseball caps! The clever alliteration that he integrates onto each page (“goblins gobbling”) smoothly carries the well-known melody. I will keep the rest of the presents to myself so you are as surprised as I was when I first read this charming piece. The images are spooky, silly, and especially slimy, and this is my favorite Halloween story because it creates a strong sense of anticipation for the big day, counting down from the unluckiest of numbers.

The 13 Nights of Halloween by Guy Vasilovich is featured in Seesaw October.

Written by Book Clubs Creative and Strategic Management Assistant Annie Miller. Annie officially joined the Book Clubs staff in February. She is a former English major and food blogger—and a current children’s book lover!



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  1. Renee Portillo

    This was a little too scary for the Kindies. I purchased the CD with the book and it was too scary for them. My own second grader and twin preschoolers didn’t like it, as well. Maybe it was the music? If you purchase- I recommend not making into a Listening Center. Too scary for the primary children! Kindergarten teacher and mother of three.

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