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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Hurricane Sandy

As everyone now knows, Hurricane Sandy knocked the Northeast around last week, and we are slowly starting to get back to normalcy in New York City. Today marks our first day back in the offices since the storm hit, and there is a flurry of activity as everyone tries to get back to their projects and Clubs to make sure we can get books out to you on time! We want to thank everyone for their support and understanding during this time.

The Scholastic Book Clubs website is open to serve you at http://www.scholastic.com/bookclubs. Our customer service agents in Missouri are available and eager to help you with anything you need. Please call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC (1-800-724-6527) Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Central Time and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time. You can also e-mail us anytime at: custserv@scholastic.com.

Our thoughts and well-wishes go out to everyone who was impacted by Hurricane Sandy.



8 Responses

  1. momof2cubs

    How can people NOT be understanding during these hard times? We all have to pull together! My prayers and thoughts go out to all who have been effected by this storm. We love Scholastic and are thinking of all of you at this time. :) Take care.

  2. Tami

    You should make an option to buy a book for families and or schools available for people to buy an extra book or allow the teacher to forward her free books to those that lost some. Not sure how many schools were affected but it might help!

    • Preeti

      Hi Tami,

      Thank you for your comment! I have forwarded on your suggestion to the appropriate people within our organization. Best, Preeti

  3. people should understand these hard times.i am thankful for everything you do for kids education:)thank you!!!!!!!!!

  4. Julie

    What a great idea, Tammy. I would support that cause! :’]

  5. Jennifer

    My students would love to donate books to Hurricane victims. A few of them who entered the Paws for Reading Picture Contest said that if they won the contest they would donate their 100 books to hurricane victims. It made me so happy.

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