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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Wreck-It Ralph: A Feel-Good Movie for Children and Parents

The new 3-D animated movie Wreck-It Ralph had the largest opening weekend for a Disney movie ever. For many parents and children on the East Coast, the movie was a lighthearted distraction from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

The movie follows Wreck-It Ralph, a video-game bad guy who is tired of living alone in a garbage dump while the game’s glory goes to the much-loved Fix-It Felix. Since bad guys can’t win medals in their own game, Ralph risks his life to enter another game in the arcade for a chance to return home a hero. But with Ralph missing, his game is declared out of order. Fix-It Felix must bring his former nemesis back home before their game gets…unplugged!

Ralph encounters the adorably hyperactive Vanellope von Schweetz, who like Ralph is not treated kindly in her candy-themed racing game, Sugar Rush. Boys and girls alike will fall in love with this odd pair as their unlikely friendship blossoms. For (youngish) adults, the movie offers plenty of video-game and pop-culture nostalgia, whether you are part of the Pac-Man or Sonic the Hedgehog generation or a fan of the more recent Call of Duty.

Fans of the movie should also check out the new Wreck-It Ralph titles offered in November Book Clubs. These movie tie-ins include a picture book, an early reader, and a chapter book that use the familiar story and characters to help engage readers of all ages.


Wreck-It Ralph: Sugar Rush is featured in Firefly November

Wreck-It Ralph: Game On! is featured in Seesaw November


Wreck-It Ralph: The Junior Novelization is featured in Lucky November

Written by Book Clubs Print Copywriter Joey Azoulai. Joey joined the Book Clubs staff in May and is excited to be working for the company that helped spark his love of reading as a child.






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  1. I love video games. Wreak it Ralph is a bad guy then he turns into a good guy. My favorite part of
    the story was when he went to Sugar Rush.

  2. emily

    it so cool and fun it teach i losson

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