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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Rise of the Guardians

I’m a big kid-flick fan. So when the chance to review one of the biggest kid movies of the season came up, I knew I was the one to do it! A friend came with me to see the film, and when it was over, he turned to me and said: “You were laughing and gasping louder than any of the children in this theater, just so you know.” I was not ashamed of this fact.

I’d been excited about seeing Rise of the Guardians since I saw the trailer a few months ago. The story is loosely based on William Joyce’s The Guardians of Childhood series. It opens with the origins of Jack Frost, a boy born of ice and into the moon. He’s not sure why he exists or who he really is, but he quickly gets the hang of making ice and riding the wind. Years pass, and while Jack is still helping kids out with snow days and generally creating mischief, everyone forgets who he is—which means no one can see him.

It’s a lonely existence for our hero.

Meanwhile, an old threat is on the rise when Pitch the Boogeyman comes back into play. North (aka Santa Claus), Bunnymund (the Easter Bunny), the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman are four beings known as the Guardians. They were created by the Man in the Moon and sworn to protect all of Earth’s children. They see Pitch returning and know they must defeat him—with the help of a very reluctant recently crowned Guardian…Jack Frost!

With the help of some friends and the one little boy who refuses to stop believing, Jack and the gang must defeat Pitch.

The film was by turns hilarious and poignant, and I genuinely enjoyed it. The story is great for kids, regardless of what they believe in. It’s a story of good triumphing over evil, with heartache and laughs in between. When Jack (spoiler alert) realizes that the reason he became Jack Frost was because he sacrificed his life to save his sister…I’ll admit it, I got a little teary-eyed. And I’m pretty sure I laughed every time Alec Baldwin’s Russian accent came out of Santa’s mouth. Also, the yetis were a nice touch.

Overall, the film is a great holiday movie, and a great way to parlay kids’ love of movies into an interest in books! You can find the following tie-ins in Book Clubs right now:

Rise of the Guardians Junior Novel is available in Club Shop, Arrow December, and Lucky December.

Rise of the Guardians: The Story of Jack Frost is available in Virtues and SeeSaw December.

Watch the trailer here:




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