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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

May the … Dough Be With You?

As the holidays are approaching, we all notice a change in the air—the winter crispness pinching our cheeks pink, the good-natured cheer emanating from strangers on the street, the sudden appearance of twinkling lights on every corner. But for us, it is most notably the smell of baked goods wafting out of every open door in the city! We’re sure you’ve noticed it, because we here at Book Box Daily certainly have. It’s the time of year when warm and buttery are heavenly.

It was no surprise, then, that when The Star Wars Cookbook arrived, we just had to make some intergalactic treats! With names like “Wookiee Pie” and “Clone Scones,” who could resist? The book is full of fun recipes for little and big fans of both Star Wars and cooking alike. We wanted to try out the great Yoda-, Darth Vader-, and R2-D2-shaped cookie cutters that came with it, so we chose to whip up some Skywalker Sugar Cookies.

With a team of cookie troopers, we gathered up our ingredients and proceeded with our mission. First, we mixed up the batter and let it harden in the fridge (which we might have referred to as the Planet Hoth). While that was cooling, we learned how to make our own icing to decorate the cookies. We put the different colors into little baggies that would make it easy to ice the cookies later.

Rolling time! We took out our batter and rolled it out to finally get to use those cookie cutters! Once we had an amount that would satisfy even the hungriest of wookiees, we popped them into the oven (which we might have referred to as the Death Star) to bake and get ready for the best part: the icing.

We loved The Star Wars Cookbook. The great part about the recipe was that it was simple, but creative and fun. Our icing batches were wild colors that we used to “paint” and decorate the cookies to make into our favorite characters. We strayed a little from the designs on some of the cookies, but that was part of the fun! The other recipes were also great variations on yummy foods—we fully intend to try our hands at Yoda Soda, Obi-Wan Tons, or Biscuit Fistos next.

You can find The Star Wars Cookbook on TAB November right now!


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