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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Editor’s Picks: Arrow December

Pegasus #1: The Flame of Olympus

What would you do if you discovered a winged horse in modern-day Manhattan? Join Emily as she embarks on the quest of a lifetime to try and save Pegasus and the Roman gods. A must-read for Percy Jackson fans, as well as anyone who enjoys a good adventure!

Stealing Air  
New kid Brian teams up with the school charmer and class genius for a sky-high journey. A masterfully told story of friendship, adventure, and growing up.

Nat Geo Kids: Weird but True #4: 300 Outrageous Facts

Did you know that millions of years ago, there was a bird in Australia that weighed as much as a polar bear?! What better way to get kids reading (and learning) than with weird and wacky facts brought to you by the experts at National Geographic. Parents and teachers may even learn a thing or two, and kids are sure to want to share the fascinating new facts they’ve just learned.

The Adventures of Bean Boy
Tucker MacBean is a comic book genius. He loves reading them and writing them, so when his favorite comic holds a contest to find a superhero sidekick, Tucker can’t wait to enter. And what better sidekick to enter than Beanboy, a superhero who holds the power of the bean and will only use it for good. With comic drawings throughout, kids will devour this delightfully funny novel.

What the Dog Said
Ever since her father died, nothing has been the same for Grace. And so when her sister decides to adopt a rescue dog to train as a companion for the disabled, Grace is reluctant to go along. But at the shelter, Grace is confronted by a mangy mutt named Rex who is determined to get adopted—and he’s not afraid to say so! A talking dog that only Grace can hear may sound crazy, but it also may be just what she needs.

Gaia is the Editorial Manager for Arrow.

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