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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Hanukkah Crafts!

I loved teaching nursery school and it was a particular joy during the holiday season. There was always lots of excitement about what we could make for our families, how we could show our friends we cared, and what we could create to decorate our classroom for this special time of year.

I thought I’d take a moment today to share two of my favorite crafts—both of which are easily adaptable for older or younger children.

To create a Star of David mobile, you’ll need:

·    wooden craft sticks (six for each star)

·    ribbon

·    glue

·    paint or markers

·    a hanger

·    glitter, stickers, sequins, fabric scraps (optional)

First, paint or color the craft sticks and let them dry thoroughly. I prefer watercolor paint because it lets the wood grain show through and it dries quickly! Glue three sticks together to create a triangle and do the same with the remaining sticks. Then glue the two triangles together (one with the point up, and one with the point down) to create a star. If you’d like to decorate further, use glitter, stickers, sequins, or fabric scraps on your stars. Once the glue is thoroughly dry, loop a ribbon through the star and tie it to the hanger. Once all your stars are tied, hang the mobile in a doorway or window where it can sway in the breeze!

To create a menorah banner, you’ll need:

·    blue, yellow, and white construction paper, felt, or craft foam sheets

·    ribbon

·    glue

·    scissors

·    glitter, sequins, markers, stickers (optional)

First, carefully cut out nine thin white rectangles (these will be your candles), nine yellow ovals, and nine blue rectangles from your construction paper, felt, or craft foam sheets. (I used the sturdier craft foam for mine.) You may want to have one of each piece slightly larger than the others to represent your “shamash” or helper candle. Arrange and glue one white piece and one yellow piece in a candle shape on each blue background. Feel free to decorate the candles with glitter, sequins, markers, or stickers. Once these have dried, cut nine small pieces of ribbon, tie each into a loop, and glue one on the back of each blue rectangle. After these have dried, cut one longer piece of ribbon and string each candle on the long piece. You may choose to add one candle to the banner each night of Chanukah or have them all “lit” starting on the first night. Hang the banner on a wall or in a doorway for all to enjoy!

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