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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Hanukkah MAD LIBS!


This December we have Hanukkah MAD LIBS! Check out some sample MAD LIBS from Annie and Dana:


HANUKKAH MAD LIBS: Hanukkah Party at Bubbe’s

I love going to my bubbe’s house for Hanukkah because she makes the best potato pancakes (plural noun) in the whole, wide (adjective) world. “The secret,” she says, “is to use freshly pressed vegetable (noun) oil.” She serves them up on a platter (noun), along with loads of other appetizing (adjective) dishes, and then orders everyone to “Get ‘em while they’re sizzlin’ (adjective)!” I love how Bubbe decorates the living room with blue-and-white trinkets (plural noun) and always keeps an extra stash of chocolate gelt (plural noun) in the pantry for me and my older (adjective) sister. My bubbe sits next to me on the couch (noun) and sings traditional (adjective) songs, gives me really thoughtful (adjective) presents, and lets me watch all my favorite shows (plural noun) on TV. She also lets me back flip (verb) whenever I want to. Mom and Dad have to say no but Bubbe always says “Enjoy!” (command).


HANUKKAH MAD LIBS: Eight Nights of Gifts

On the first night of Hanukkah, I got a T-shirt and a pair of underpants (article of clothing, plural) from my parents. Lame! The second night I got a DVD—Harry Hathaway (last name) and the Sorcerer’s Briefcase (noun)! On nights three and four I got toenail clippers (plural noun) to use at school, which is great because I had been borrowing from my friend Clifford (person in room). The fifth night I got a banana (type of food) tower from my bubbe. She’s always giving us boisterous (adjective) treats. On the sixth night my father gave me some gelt12 (number) dollars to be exact. The seventh night I got two new leggings (article of clothing, plural). And then for the big finale…on the eighth night I got a wireless lawn chair (noun) to go with my D (letter of the alphabet)box LIVE! I was so excited I could hardly gallop (verb)! I know that Hanukkah isn’t really about how many bubbles (plural noun) you get, but boy do they make it fun!


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