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January 18, 2016


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January 4, 2016

A Storia Holiday Poem

’Twas the night before Christmas, and under the trees

Perched shiny new tablets and sleek new PCs.

A sweet iPad Mini, an Android device,

To thrill and delight children naughty and nice.


As Santa awaited the morning with bliss,

He couldn’t help thinking, “Something is amiss.

These shiny devices will brighten their day

And fill many hours with all sorts of play,


But how can I make sure their minds stay acute

And won’t just be focused on mad birds and fruit?

I’ve heard of an app that might be the solution

To keep their minds active and free from pollution—


The sole eBook app recommended by teachers,

The free one that’s packed with those child-friendly features

That work wonderfully both at home and in schools,

Like read-alouds, highlighting, note-taking tools,


A rich dictionary to boost comprehension,

Enriched games and quizzes to keep their attention,

A dashboard for grown-ups to see progress charted,

And best of all—5 free eBooks to get started!


I know—Storia! That’s the one, how fantastic!

From my trusted company, good ol’ Scholastic.

I’ll load this free app on devices galore

And see how this season kids’ reading skills soar!


And once Storia has been safely installed,

I’ll add some great eBooks to keep them enthralled!

On, Clifford! On, Fly Guy! On, Katniss and Harry!

On, droll Wimpy Kid and on, Goosebumps so scary!”


With that, Santa left with miraculous speed

To help make sure kids would continue to read.

And surely enough, on that cold Christmas Day,

After presents were opened and kids left to play,


Across the land kids were absorbed in their screens,

Immersed in the wonders of great eBook scenes,

For Santa had helped spread the best gift indeed:

That true lifelong present—of loving to read.

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