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July 2, 2015


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June 26, 2015

12 Books of Christmas: Day 12!

We often open our homes to relatives and friends during the holidays. It’s a strange time of giving up beds, trading rooms, gathering more presents, cooking for 12 instead of 5, and trying to figure out who is showering when. It’s wonderful, but also chaotic, and sometimes we have to relearn how to share our lives, our space, and our hearts. It is a universal holiday theme for those young and old, and we were delighted to find it addressed in a picture book.

Our last day of the 12 Books of Christmas follows our familiar friend Grace, from the award-winning Amazing Grace , in her holiday book Grace at Christmas. Christmas is Grace’s favorite day of the year. Looking forward to the holiday, she is surprised when she finds out that her family will have visitors for Christmas. Not only that, but she’ll have to sacrifice her room! Grace will have to get to know the people sharing her home and holiday and open her heart to have the best Christmas she’s ever had. Wonderfully illustrated with realistic, expressive characters, Grace’s story is a perfectly normal but expertly told one that we can all relate to.

Grace at Christmas is available in Seesaw December.

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