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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Book Trust and Scholastic Book Clubs

Scholastic Book Clubs is happy to partner with Book Trust, an organization that helps put books into the hands of children who might otherwise not be able to afford them.

What if your only wish was to choose and own a book? This is the reality for almost every Book Trust student.

Here is Kai’s story:

Kai’s backpack was growing heavier and heavier. It grew so heavy that his teacher finally said, “Kai, this is ridiculous. Your backpack is weighing you down.”

When Kai opened his backpack, the teacher found his entire personal library—the one he had been building from his Book Trust selections all year long—20 books! Her first reaction was to reprimand him for lugging all those books back and forth from home each day.

But then she realized: he didn’t have a real home.

These books were his only possessions, and he was unwilling to risk losing a single one. They were books he chose. Books he loved. They were books that allowed him to escape to another world. Bookshelf or none, they were his.

Choosing books each month sparked Kai’s passion for reading. He became an avid reader. And unlike so many of his peers living in underserved communities, Kai was reading proficiently by third grade. Reading proficiently by third grade meant Kai was four times more likely to graduate from high school.

Book Trust currently provides over 25,000 students across the nation with the opportunity to choose and own $7 worth of books from Scholastic Book Clubs each month. Since 2001, Book Trust has invested nearly $5 million dollars in children in need—enabling them to choose over 2.3 million books. Teachers have accrued over 33 million Scholastic Bonus Points. Book Trust’s goal is to provide over 600,000 books this year, bringing the grand total to 3 MILLION BOOKS!

Through Book Trust, Kai and other students like him are building their home libraries…or backpacks full of books. Books they choose, own, and delight in over and over. They’re reading more. They’re reading better. And they’re becoming lifelong learners who love to read.

Book Trust is making children’s wishes come true. Learn more at booktrust.org.

Parents can now donate $1* to Book Trust to help a child in need choose and own a new book, as well as encourage literacy and a love of reading!

*Please note: no items will be shipped in the book box and no product or service will be provided in exchange for this donation. One hundred percent of the donation goes to Book Trust, a charity that lets kids choose books from Scholastic Book Clubs for free.



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