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Introducing Knowledge Quest!

Dear Parents and Teachers,

At Scholastic, we want to be your go-to resource for building the knowledge base children need to succeed! We’ve had the pleasure of working with very talented teachers and librarians to develop Knowledge Quest!™ Read-Aloud Collections. These curated monthly collections cover many topics, such as science, social studies, literature, art, music, and even social themes.

Why is reading aloud so important?
Children’s ability to understand information through listening outpaces their comprehension through reading from infancy to middle-school age. Therefore, by reading aloud to children daily— without burdening them with decoding words on a page—you’re able to help them learn more about interesting topics and increase their in-depth knowledge.

Why read more than one book on a topic?
By listening to the collections’ topic-centric books read aloud in their recommended sequence, children gain repeated vocabulary exposure, which leads to accelerated vocabulary growth and increased reading comprehension. And by hearing fun, fictional reads interwoven with the nonfiction content, children remain engaged while important content is reinforced.

Why include activities?
Activities extend the learning of each collection’s content and are easy to do at home. They are also built to help teachers meet strict Common Core State Standards, and most importantly, they’re fun and cross-curricular, incorporating art, poetry, and music for a rich, integrated learning experience.

Why more than one collection on the same topic in each grade?
The more children learn, the more they want to know! These collections are age-appropriate and build content coherently within a grade and from grade to grade. Studies show that children who have not had nonfiction read to them early on may be turned off by it and their ability to understand complex texts—a skill important for college readiness—can be greatly hindered.

Why should teachers and parents both use Knowledge Quest!?
As a working parent, it’s hard to find time to regularly get books from the library, let alone find the best books. And if you are a home-schooling parent, this is an even greater need. As a teacher, it’s hectic to juggle all the demands of your classroom while meeting the pressures of Common Core. That’s why we’ve thoughtfully built these collections to meet the needs of both parents and teachers!

We hope your children will enjoy the Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud Collections as much as we do!



Souzanne Wright
Vice President, Program Development Strategy

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  1. Melissa Malm

    I am really excited about these. I saw the first set in the March order and thought I had missed previous sets. We will be using bonus points to purchase classroom sets, while encouraging our parents to purchase for home.

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