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Plant Life

We think you’ll love this FREE Knowledge Quest! activity about plant parts and photosynthesis.

You’ll find lots more fun activities, amazing read-alouds, and thought-provoking questions in the Knowledge Quest Read-Aloud Collection: Plant Life for grades K–1. This comprehensive cross-curricular collection teaches children about plants and how they grow, seeds and how they travel, and what plants need to survive. The collection also helps you easily approach key Common Core skills.

Other Resources:

Besides the read-aloud books and guidebook, each collection comes with explicit and implicit vocabulary lists, fun incentives for kids, and a list of supplemental books that extend learning.

From our supplemental book list, we recommend The Reason for a Flower and A Dandelion’s Life to expand children’s understanding of plant life cycles.

And check out these other Knowledge Quest Read-Aloud Collections on plants:

For toddlers through age four, How Do Plants Grow? introduces children to a variety of plants. By listening to these books being read aloud and taking part in the activities in the guidebook, children will be able to explain what plants need to grow. Water children’s imaginations so they can sprout new knowledge while exploring the bountiful world of plants!

For grades PreK–K, Plants Are Amazing! encourages children to investigate how the different parts of plants work together. Children learn how the parts of a plant serve many diverse purposes for the plant itself and also for the animals that eat and use it. Learn about the wonderful ways plants help our world!

Do Plants Eat?
for grades 2–3 allows children to discover how plants make their own food through a process called photosynthesis, and learn how this process is essential to life on earth. The books and activities in the accompanying guidebook help grow kids’ essential plant vocabulary, reading comprehension, and knowledge about how plants are pollinated, form seeds, and provide food.

Knowledge Quest! Read-Aloud Collections are designed by experts to help children build vocabulary and improve reading comprehension one read-aloud at a time. Each collection addresses Common Core State Standards with a thoughtfully curated blend of fiction, nonfiction, and a guidebook of easy-to-implement ideas and activities.

Author Bio
: Blog author Sue Rosenthal is a freelance writer and website producer. She works closely with an amazing team of editors and educational experts at Scholastic Book Clubs and the Knowledge Quest! program.

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