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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

World-Record Breaking + Dinosaurs = The Perfect Vacation Read

Last week we were pleased to announce that kids around the world broke last year’s Summer Challenge record (95,859,491 minutes read) by reading for over 100 MILLION minutes! We are so excited about this tremendous accomplishment, and even more excited that the Summer Challenge reading adventure is not over—it continues until September 6!

In honor of this fantastic and continuing accomplishment, we are dedicating this whole week to—you guessed it—READING! But not just any kind of reading…we’re talking vacation reading, which helps prevent the summer slide while being tons of fun. Appropriately enough, we’re starting with an awesome book about breaking records: Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record by Annie Barrows. Anything with dinosaurs has awesome written all over it, right? World-record breaking + dinosaurs = the perfect vacation read.

In Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record, second-grade BFFs Ivy and Bean become consumed with breaking world records after Bean’s teacher presents The Amazing Book of World Records in her class. Throughout the story Bean’s rambunctious, persistent personality balances nicely with Ivy’s calm collectedness. And their ideas are just plain funny, like when Bean tries to break the world record for the total number of straws that someone can stuff in his or her mouth at one time, or tries to be the loudest screamer in the world. Their confidence and dedication are truly infectious. After many hilarious failed record-breaking attempts, they decide to become the youngest paleontologists to find dinosaur bones, beating 12-year-old Mary Anning. Will Ivy and Bean beat the world record? How hard is it to find a dinosaur bone?

See if this dynamic duo has what it takes to beat a world record like the dynamic Summer Challenge kids! And stay tuned this week for our Vacation Reads features. We want to keep on reading with you all summer long.

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