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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Behind the Wimp: Three Things You Might Not Know About the Wimpy Kid Series

Even if you’re the biggest fan ever, there are a few things you may not know about Diary of a Wimpy Kid—or about its creator, Jeff Kinney. So in celebration of Wimpy Wednesday #3, here are three interesting nuggets about the wildly popular Wimpy Kid series.

1) The books were originally intended for adults.

“I actually did not set out to become a children’s writer,” Jeff Kinney explained in an interview with Scholastic Reading Club. “My idea was to come out with a 700-page book called Diary of a Wimpy Kid that was for adults who would look back on their own childhood and see themselves in the characters in the book.” However, Kinney’s publisher thought that the concept would work well as a children’s series.

Turns out, Kinney’s thrilled with this decision. “I love it that these books are getting kids to read other books,” says Kinney, “and that these books are turning kids into hopefully lifelong readers.”

2) Jeff Kinney has a day job.

Not that the incredibly successful bestselling author needs one. But the multi-talented Kinney works full-time as an online game developer and designer for the kid’s website Poptropica. “Then I get to write cartoons on the side.”

3) Each joke can take up to four hours to write.

“I will admit that it’s hard to write and it’s hard to draw,” says Kinney. Usually, each joke takes about four hours to write, and one drawing can take as long as an hour. This may come as a surprise because every element flows so perfectly (and seemingly effortlessly) from one thing to the next.

Because of this painstaking creative process, Kinney takes great joy in seeing everything once it’s come together. “I always feel really satisfied when I see the final product and know that kids are reading it.”


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Bio About Author: Deborah works on the promotions team as the merchandising manager for the First Graders, Second Graders, and Third Graders Reading Club catalogs. She’s a huge fan of the Wimpy Kid series. Her favorite character has to be Greg (duh). And of course Uncle Gary.

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