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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Art to Inspire Young Readers

“Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.” is our company’s global literacy campaign, the backbone of all that we do here. Helping children gain access to books, improve their reading skills, gain confidence and foster a love of reading— these are the goals behind every new project, every book, every campaign.

A few months ago, we asked 13 children’s book illustrators to show us what this statement—”Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.”— means to them. The result is a stunning collection of illustrations from some of our young readers’ biggest literary heros: Dav Pilkey, Jeff Kinney, Kadir Nelson, Yuyi Morales, and Kazu Kibuishi, to name a few. In addition to the illustrations, we’ve created companion educational resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. We’re calling the entire project “The Art of Read Every Day” and today, we’re unveiling it to the world.

Visit The Art of Read Every Day and you’ll discover the following:

  • Artwork from 13 children’s book illustrators (see the full list here)
  • Videos of the artists reading aloud and speaking about their artistic processes
  • Discussion guides with writing and art prompts for students (grades K-2, 3-5)
  • An opportunity to purchase a 2014 desk calendar that features the entire collection of art. Net proceeds go to one of our nonprofit parnters, Read Out and Read. You can also purchase the individual poster art as well.


For the next 13 weeks, we’ll be highlighting one artist per week (moving alphabetically through the list on our website) by sharing a resource from their collection every day. This week we’re focusing on Harry Bliss, so you’ll be learning more about his work as the week progresses. And be sure to keep an eye on all of our social media, where we’ll be sharing pins, videos, posts, and all of the wonderful resources that comprise this project.

We hope you enjoy the collection and that it inspires a life-long love of reading in your students and children.


Author Bio: Megan Kaesshaefer is a Manager of Special Projects and Social Media here at Scholastic. Avid reader. Lover of the outdoors, oysters, and Oprah (sorry about the O’s). Approximately three minutes late for everything. You’ll find me blogging about our various literacy initiatives (specifically the Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life. campaign and the Scholastic Summer Challenge), education news, social media hubbub, and other bookish things. Oh, and anything pertaining to twins. ‘Cause I am one.

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