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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Nuremberg Trials Nonfiction

The Nuremberg Trials are among the most significant instances of international justice in history, addressing not only the wrongs of the Holocaust, but also other war crimes committed during World War II. As the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum states, the International Military Tribunal held in Nuremberg, Germany, set out to “…seek justice for an almost unimaginable scale of criminal behavior.” From the first public session on November 20, 1945, to the final verdict nearly a year later, the trials were harrowing and heartbreaking, yet ultimately hopeful as they presented an unprecedented international means for bringing war criminals to justice.

But what if the criminals couldn’t be found? Many high-ranking Nazi officials disappeared at the end of the war, escaping to other countries and assuming false identities. The Nazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb tells the story of the Israeli intelligence agents who located Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi commander in charge of transportation to the concentration camps, and brought him to Israel to stand trial. Eichmann had escaped to Argentina, where he lived under a different name and worked at a factory. He was joined by his family a few years after the war ended, and he continued to live quietly until his capture in 1960.

The story of the brave agents—and civilians—who tracked and captured Eichmann reads like the most gripping spy fiction, but all the action in Bascomb’s thoroughly researched book really happened. And what drives the suspenseful action of following Eichmann, preparing to intercept him, hiding him in a safe house, and arranging for a secret flight out of the country is the quest for justice. As Isser Harel (head of the Israeli secret intelligence agency) said as the agents prepared to depart for Argentina:

“We have not only the right but also the moral duty to bring this man to trial. You must remember this through the weeks ahead. You are guardian angels of justice, the emissaries of the Jewish people.”

Learn more about this fascinating story in The Nazi Hunters. Once you pick it up you won’t be able to put it down!



Bio about Author: Mia Cabana is a managing editor of online copy at Scholastic Book Clubs. She has also worked as a young adult librarian and dreams of someday joyriding around the country in her own bookmobile.

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