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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Karma Wilson in the Classroom

Hi, folks. Jeremy Brunaccioni here from the Conway Grammar School kindergarten in Western Massachusetts. If you’re not already using Karma Wilson’s Bear books in your classroom, you’re going to want to check them out. Bear is a character that children quickly come to adore along with his woodland friends. The stories feature topics that young children easily relate to like feeling sick, being scared, or making friends. The combination of rhyme and rich vocabulary makes them great titles to use in the classroom.

One of my students’ favorite titles is Bear’s New Friend. They enjoy guessing who is hiding from Mouse, Mole, Raven, Wren, Bear, and friends. When reading the book aloud, be sure to point out the eyes on the bottom of the front jacket flap. It’s a great opportunity for students to offer their opinions and make predictions.

Listed below is some of the vocabulary your students will be exposed to when hearing Karma Wilson books in the classroom. Have your students act out some of the words or create illustrations featuring them. Young children have a blast making literature connections as they act out words like tromp, gobbles, and flap.



thin shoots blade scampers tromp
patch shuffles feast snuffles romps
wails wedged might pries gobbles



itching bend clatter scurries shrugs
peck sped peering flap rustling
wren trembling glen bashful scamper


Use the list of Bear books below to create a classroom library. Ask for parent donations, hold a fundraiser, or talk to your principal about ordering a set. Talk to your school and local librarians to make sure they’re stocking the titles as well. Children will be thrilled to check them out and share them with parents at home.

Bear Titles

Bear Feels Scared

Bear Feels Sick

Bear Hugs

Bear Snores On

Bear Stays Up

Bear Wants More

Bear’s New Friend

Bear’s Loose Tooth

Bear Says Thanks


There are also a lot of great resources online. Visit KarmaWilson.com for activity ideas, blog posts, and character biographies. This Bear Snores On page on Pinterest has story stick puppets, sequencing cards, and other great activities. If you want to have some fun with the artwork, check out illustrator Jane Chapman’s page for coloring, activity, and puzzle pages. Enjoy!




Bio about Author: Jeremy Brunaccioni is a kindergarten teacher from Western Massachusetts.

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