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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Holiday Crafts Inspired by Books

I’d be hard pressed to name anything I love more than making craft projects and reading good books, but topping the rest of the list would be the holidays, especially decorating for them. Some of my happiest memories of all time come from the combination of books, crafting, and the holidays: reading holiday-themed stories with my family while making decorations!

One of the books I’ve recently discovered is The Gingerbread Pirates, in which a boy and his mother decorate their gingerbread cookies to look like pirates. What I love about this story is that it both gives the traditional gingerbread man a fun twist, and embraces the idea that if the kid in your life is really obsessed with something (pirates, dinosaurs, the color pink, etc.) you can incorporate that into holiday decorations. In the spirit of encouraging creativity and individual expression, some Reading Club staffers got together to make our own custom gingerbread people.

Using brown paper and chalk to create a gingerbread person helps it last longer than the cookie kind (so that someday kids can look back and laugh at the year they made a gingerbread Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle). It’s also a lot easier for little hands to use chalk than icing—which means much less mess! You can use anything from the back of a brown paper bag or a cardboard box to construction paper for the basic shape, and add stickers, decals, yarn, or color to personalize your gingerbread person. Here are some that we had a great time making:

Pairing a craft with a book is a wonderful way to reinforce themes, connect kids to details from within the story, and generate excitement for reading, at the holidays and all year long. Look for The Gingerbread Pirates in our 1st Graders December catalog and online.




Bio about Author: Mia Cabana is a managing editor of online copy at Scholastic Book Clubs. She has also worked as a young adult librarian and dreams of someday joyriding around the country in her own bookmobile.

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