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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Enter the I Survived Contest!

Sometimes when we imagine a historical event, it’s hard to think beyond the mere facts we learn in a textbook. How many men were wounded during the bombing of Pearl Harbor? How long did it take for the Titanic to sink? What did the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 register on the Richter Scale?

But here’s what I love most about Lauren Tarshis’s awesome I Survived series: although it includes lots of fascinating factual information, it also humanizes some of the most devastating and terrifying events in history. Especially when dates fade further into the past, it can be easy to forget that tragic moments like the Nazi invasion of Poland or the Battle of Gettysburg were really experienced by actual people who felt fear and hope and determination just like we do today!

To stay connected with our world’s history, it helps to imagine the feelings and actions of the men, women, and children living in times other than our own—and you don’t have to be a professional author to do it! If you write your own I Survived–style story about a thrilling or devastating historical event and send it to us, you could win a trip to the site of one of the I Survived books with Lauren Tarshis as your personal tour guide! For complete contest rules, visit: scholastic.com/clubcontests.


You can order the I Survived books through the Scholastic Reading Club website now! For more information about the contest click here.


UPDATE 3/26/14: Thank you for your enthusiastic response to the I SURVIVED contest! We received nearly 7,000 entries and read stories about the most exciting, scary and dangerous events in the history of the world—from the Trojan War to the Boston Marathon bombing and so much more.  It was not easy for our judges to choose only eleven entries for recognition. You can find the names and winning stories from the grand prize winner and the runners-up on our site at: scholastic.com/clubcontests. Congratulations to the winners!



Bio about Author: Nicole is the merchandising manager for the 4th Graders, 5th Graders, and Middle Schoolers Reading Club catalogs.


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44 Responses

  1. I like three of these books most called THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC,1912,THE SHAK ATTACKS OF 1916,THE NAZI INVASION,1944. The first one is when the famous ocean liner bigness to sink George and his sister fight to stay alive,the second one is Chet comes face to face with the great white shark that’s been terrorizing his town,the last one is after he escapes the Jewish ghetto,max discovers a resistance group trying to defeat the Nazis

  2. My least favorait book is i survived THE JAPANESE TSUNAMI,2011.as Ben watches helplessly,the monstrous wave destroys everything in its path.

  3. Eliano Canko

    I love those books

  4. Eliano Canko

    My favorite book is the nazi invasion ,1944

  5. kara

    my favorite book is I survived 9/11

  6. Caroline Sturgell

    hello fans and Lauren Tarshis. I entered the make you own story contest and sent my order in. When will I be notified when I win or loose?
    If anybody knows, please text me back on this chat channel! thanks for your help~

  7. cristian naranjo

    i entered the contest and they told me they supose to inform meif i win today but it hasn’t happened yet!!!!

  8. cristian naranjo

    please inform me if i win …just reply to my message which is this one….

    thank you

    • Heather

      Hi, Cristian! We had thousands of amazing contest entries to read through. Our contests team selected the winners of the I SURVIVED contest last week and have been reaching out to the Grand Prize winner and the 10 Runners-Up. Once they reach everyone, the names will be posted at scholastic.com/clubcontests Thanks for your entry and your questions!

  9. Alex

    I entered, but the email address I put on the title page was not correct. Can you use the email address entered above to contact me if I am in the top 11. Thanks so much!


    • Heather

      Hi, Alex! Thanks for the update to your information. All of the winners have been contacted and we’ll be posting their names and winning entries on our website in the next few weeks. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

  10. Natalie

    Was I supposed to send in contact information for the contest with my entry?

    • Heather

      Hi, Natalie! Yes, your contact information should have been included with your entry, but an email or mailing address is fine. Thanks for your question.

      • kaylee

        I have not been contacted :( I want to know asap! I am very excited to see if i won. When will i know? If i have not been contacted does that mean i haven’t won?

        • Heather

          Hi, Kaylee! I’m sorry to say that if you haven’t been contacted by our contests team, your entry wasn’t selected. Thank you for entering the contest and for your enthusiasm.

          • kaylee

            do you know what place i was in?

          • Heather

            Hi, Kaylee! Unfortunately, we didn’t rank all of the entries so we can’t say exactly what place you were in. We read so many incredible entries it was a very difficult decision. Thanks for entering!

  11. Serena

    Yeah, I sent mine in only like a few days before February 21 but I hope it reached New York in time. Anyway, it’s my birthday and the best B-day present would be to see the winners! I hope they are out soon.

  12. kaylee

    I know lots of people have been asking who are the winners but i entered and i havent been contacted. Does that mean i didnt win?

    • Heather

      The winners have all been contacted at this point. Once all their information is confirmed, we’ll post the list of winners!

  13. Serena

    My favorite I Survived book is by far either Hurricane Katrina or the Shark Attacks. They’re awesome.

  14. Jessica

    Aww, i really hoped to win. Haha i really thought my story on Birmingham was spot on. Wel, oh well.

  15. Alex Ng

    I thought that my story about the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings was going to be great. I wonder what other people wrote about.

  16. haliey

    I didn’t put any contact information on my entry. I gave it to my teacher. How will I know if I won or not?

    • Heather

      Hi, Haliey! We have been able to contact all of the winners and are in the process of verifying the information we need. Once we have all those details in place, we’ll share the final list of winners. Thanks for you entry!

  17. kaylee

    thanks for this great contest! I am sad i didn’t win but congrats on those who did!

  18. Alex

    Who won? On the website it has 11 entries. Which was the grand prize winner?

  19. alex ng

    I think that Maria might be the winner. Her story on the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp was really well-written. And although short, Ariana’s story about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire was very concise and detailed.

  20. Kayla white

    I read the great Chicago fire in one day it was THE BEST

  21. Kayla white

    Can you make a I SURVIVED THE DOOMSDAY

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