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January 18, 2016


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January 4, 2016

Get Ready to Rumble! Who Would Win? Animal Showdown Contest


Have you experienced the Who Would Win? series yet? The fights are fierce in these awesome nonfiction readers that compare favorite predators head to head. Armed with stats on each animal featured in the book, readers get to decide who they think would win in the ultimate face-off.

Now it’s kids’ turn to choose two fierce animals to  do battle for the title of baddest predator on the block.

Based on the dynamic compare/contrast model of Who Would Win?, Scholastic Reading Club has put together the Who Would Win? Animal Showdown Contest for students in grades 2–3. This competition invites children create their very own Who Would Win?–style page.

The grand prize winner will receive a classroom visit with Jerry Pallotta, creator of the Who Would Win? series, plus a special “class pet” (a rhino or hippo adopted through the World Wildlife Fund)!

Ten runners-up will receive two Who Would Win? libraries—one for the classroom and one for home!


Send entries by 3/4/14 to:

Who Would Win? Animal Showdown Contest
P.O. Box 714
New York, NY, 10013-0714


Visit our website to learn more about the Who Would Win? Animal Showdown Contest and to download a reproducible template that students can use as their entry form.



About the Authors: Caitlin works on the editorial team for grades two and three. Deborah works on the promotions team as the merchandising manager for grades one, two, and three.

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4 Responses

  1. Monique Horton

    I misread the paperwork and thought it was supposed to be handed into the teacher by March 4. My son LOVES THE ‘WHO WOULD WIN’ Series and has been crying about entering this contest. Is there an email address I can scan this and send it to?
    Hopeful in Illinois,
    Mrs. Horton

    • Heather

      Dear Mrs. Horton,
      Typically entries must be received by the due date included in the contest rules (in this case by March 4, 2014) We’re making a rare exception in your case. I’ve sent you an email with specific details. Best of luck to your son!

      Thanks for your question and your interest in our contests!

  2. Carlynn Smallegan

    How can I find who the winners are? My class has been asking.

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