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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Pets Have Superhero Powers!

I believe pets have SUPERHERO POWERS. I’ve witnessed this firsthand. Last year I had to move back temporarily to my parents’ house while waiting for renovations on a new residence. It was a big decision—not so much for me, but for my dog, Boss, because my mom is super afraid of dogs and my dad’s too busy to have another pet around. But Mom took the plunge and made special accommodations for Boss (in the basement). She cast her fears aside and we agreed to make a trial of it.

I swear Boss must have magical powers! He’s been exerting mind and body control over both of my parents. Six months after moving in, not only is Boss out of the basement, he’s petted constantly and is fed directly out of their hands. Boss must possess secret powers like psychokinesis! He can make my mom speak in baby-talk. I hear her cooing and squealing daily, asking Boss, “Are you a silly dog? Are you? Are you?” or playfully saying, “What are you doing, you crazy dog, you?” He has brainwashed Mom to offer up treats every time she sees him! And Dad can’t resist sharing chicken or steak at lunch or dinner. Boss even has Mom giving him massages multiple times a day! (I don’t get massages, and I only get scraps at meals. Just kidding.) Boss must be wielding magical powers or fairy dust to get these fearful and busy humans to behave this way. Is Boss an X-Dog in disguise? Hmm, come to think of it, my fiancé did say that he was just strangely drawn to Boss when he saw him at the animal shelter. I bet that dog was already wielding his magic as a puppy, exerting secret mind control that made Patrick pick him out from the pack.

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About the Author: Jennifer is the assistant marketing director for Scholastic Reading Club. She is a lover of all creatures and has taken care of three pets: Boss the dog, Dottie the rabbit, and Harry the hermit crab.

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