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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

If I Were a Polar Bear

Happy Polar Bear Day!

In the midst of February’s ice storms, snow flurries, and howling winds, I admit I’ve wondered on a few different occasions what it might be like to be a polar bear. You know, braving the snow, toughing out the cold—even reveling in it—and thumping around with big claws and thick, white fur. These thoughts of mine first began when I was walking very underdressed through a winter wind wall. Freezing, I scolded myself for dressing too lightly.

If only I were a polar bear.

Sure, I imagine I will care significantly less about what it might be like to be a polar bear when it gets warm again. It’s fun to think about for now though.

Polar bears are solitary animals. You could call them loners. I suppose when I’m walking really fast to get out of the cold I don’t like to talk to people either. That seems perfectly reasonable. On the other hand, it’s probably way harder to make friends with other animals if you’re eight feet tall and can weigh well over 1,000 pounds—which, by the way, makes polar bears the world’s largest predatory land animals.

But is that worrisome?

Not especially. They’re pretty peaceful creatures, rarely fighting with each other and generally living on their own. I kind of feel this way when I get super cold too. No one else in the world can help me because I’m too cold to care.

Polar bears can smell a seal through three feet of solid ice. Not that I have a particular need to smell a seal, but it would certainly be a cool thing to do.

I’m a certified lifeguard, but I barely passed my waterfront swim test because I’m such a mediocre swimmer. My breaststroke holds form for a bit, but I quickly get tired and flail like a fish. Polar bears, on the other hand, can swim for 50 miles at one stretch…only doggy paddling! If I were a polar bear, I definitely would have killed that lifeguard test (in full-on doggy paddle style no less).

Lastly, sometimes polar bears take naps in very awkward and funny positions, like flat on their back or belly flopping (not even kidding!). Oh wait, I do these things too. Oh man, so tired even now!


So long as it’s snowing I’ll keep thinking about what it might be like to survive the cold like the big bear in white. You can find the following books online now:



About the Author:  Jamie Turak is a Scholastic Reading Club blogger who does not fare well in the cold.

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  1. Patricia Delgado

    I love polar bears, I can’t believe I missed polar bear day! I’ll make sure to mark it on my calendar for next year..

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