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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Advice for Aspiring Writers

You’ve probably seen David Baldacci’s name before—it’s hard to miss this #1 New York Times bestselling author in the bookstore! From his first political thriller, Absolute Power, to the Camel Club books, he’s a master storyteller who has legions of adult fans worldwide.

In addition to his status as a bestselling adult author, he’s a passionate advocate for literacy through the Wish You Well Foundation, the author of a handful of books for children, and a fan of fantasy novels. And with this week’s release of The Finisher, he can add fantasy novelist to his résumé.

We’re thrilled that The Finisher will be available through Scholastic Reading Club this spring—and that David took the time to create an exclusive video for us with advice for aspiring authors of all ages!

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