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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Put On Your Tuxedo—It’s World Penguin Day!

I recently discovered that there is such a thing as World Penguin Day (WPD). I always thought penguins constantly celebrated being one of the coolest animals out there. Don’t they wear cute tuxedos every day of the year?

WPD is a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about these exceptional birds, which have thousands of feathers but cannot fly! They are seabirds, excellent swimmers who love to eat fish. How do they eat slippery fish if they do not have teeth? Well, they have spikes in their tongues!

Where in the world can you see penguins? There aren’t any penguins north of the equator (except in zoos, of course). The Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Antarctica, and South Africa are some of the places where you can see penguins in their natural habitat. There are also penguins in Argentina and Chile, where the rockhopper penguin is known for its ability to leap over obstacles! Penguins are classified in 17 (or 19, depending who you ask) different species, from the tiny blue penguin to the majestic emperor.

I love to watch videos of penguins “tobogganing” (sliding in their tummies). According to researchers they do this not only as a very efficient way to travel, but also for the fun of it!

Even though penguins spend much of their lives at sea, when they want to lay eggs they return to land. Parents take turns sitting on the eggs. Penguins spend many months taking care of their chicks until they have enough oily feathers to swim and feed themselves.

Penguin chicks are adorable fluffy creatures. Here is a cute picture for you!

This is the cover of a wonderful eBook called Scholastic Discover More: Penguins. You can find many facts and stunning photos inside. Also, take a look at our selection of picture books featuring penguins!

Happy WPD! Do you have a favorite book featuring penguins? Share it with us!


About the Author: Mariel López-Mota joined Scholastic Book Clubs in 2008 as the Editor of Club Leo in the New York offices. Before joining Scholastic, she worked with educational institutions and philanthropic organizations. She completed her Master’s degree in Communication and Visual Arts in Mexico City, where she also obtained a degree in Journalism with a focus in Arts and Spanish Literature. She was a Pre-K teacher for 5 years while she was a college student. 

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