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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Mockingjay, Part 1, Movie Premiere

It’s late November, and here at Scholastic Reading Club that can mean only one thing. No, not Thanksgiving—I’m talking about the premiere of the next Hunger Games movie! This year, I was lucky enough to attend the Los Angeles premiere of Mockingjay, Part 1 with the winner of the Mockingjay “Change the World” Writing Contest.

The VIP treatment began right away when we found out we’d not only be attending the premiere, but also that we’d get to walk the “red” carpet (that was actually white)! It was easy to feel like a celebrity with the cameras and flashing lights, and we were totally thrilled to see all the actual stars so close by.

Next we all filed into the theater, anxiously awaiting the start of the movie. After we were settled in our seats (complete with Mockingjay popcorn boxes and commemorative drink cups), director Francis Lawrence came onstage and introduced the cast, who all waved and looked generally stunning, to wild cheers from the audience.


Then, finally, the moment we’d all been waiting for: the movie, of course! Without giving too much away, I can confirm that it was awesome! It’s amazing to think that a series that started out with kids fighting each other in a controlled (if unspeakably cruel) environment could be connected to what’s in Mockingjay, Part 1. Underground bunkers, military assaults, and full-scale attacks against the Capitol are just a tiny fraction of the horrors that Katniss and her friends face. Like the book, though, the movie doesn’t leave out scenes of quiet reflection or normalcy. One of my favorite scenes in the entire trilogy is when Katniss returns to District 12 and sings the “The Hanging Tree” for the mockingjays, and the way it was portrayed in the movie did not disappoint.


After the movie, we couldn’t just head back to our hotel without indulging in some Capitol-esque frivolity, so it was off to the after-party! The whole event was District 13-themed, with plants on high trellises and an industrial look to give the impression that we were underground.

The party included my favorite moment of the whole night: the opportunity to meet Suzanne Collins! It was absolutely amazing to meet the genius behind the books, and she was extremely gracious and thanked us for coming out to see the movie!

The final fun of the evening was a photo booth inspired by this propaganda video from the Capitol. We had a great time posing with Panem’s finest!

All in all, it was a wonderfully star-studded night and a great movie to boot. Are you excited to see the next Hunger Games installment? Let us know your thoughts below!


About the Author: Nicole is the merchandising manager for the 4th Graders, 5th Graders, and Middle Schoolers Reading Club catalogs. 

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