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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Our 2015 Reading Resolutions

All month, we’ve been sharing our list of Reading Resolutions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’ll continue sharing one new resolution per day for the month of January!

Some of the resolutions will be expected (we’re pretty sure you’re reading every day already!) and others will be a little quirky (have you ever read a book with your favorite color in the title?) We hope that you’ll join us by adding some of these resolutions to your own list for 2015, sharing these ideas with others, and by helping us add to this list.

Here are our 2015 Reading Resolutions.

  1. I will make and keep Reading Resolutions.
  2. I will read every day.
  3. I will reread my favorite book.
  4. I will write a book review for a blog, bookstore, or Scholastic!
  5. I will listen to an audio book.
  6. I will read a graphic novel.
  7. I will read to a friend, a sibling, or a pet!
  8. I will read a biography or autobiography.
  9. I will read everything by my favorite author.
  10. I will read a book published the year I was born.
  11. I will read a book translated from another language.
  12. I will read a book my best friend suggests.
  13. I will read at least one award winner.
  14. I will read a book from a bestseller list.
  15. I will read a mystery.
  16. I will read a book that was turned into a movie.
  17. I will read a book of poetry or novel in verse.
  18. I will read a collection of short stories.
  19. I will read something by an author that shares my first or last name.
  20. I will read a book set in another country.
  21. I will read a book of historical fiction.
  22. I will read a book I see someone else reading.
  23. I will read a book a teacher or librarian hands me.
  24. I will read a book with my favorite color in the title.
  25. I will read a book by an author from my home state.
  26. I will choose a book based on a published book review.
  27. I will read a book published in 2015.
  28. I will read a science fiction book.
  29. I will read a book where food is a part of the story
  30. I will read a book from the banned and challenged books list.
  31. I will remember the Reader’s Bill of Rights (by Daniel Pennac)


Feel free to share your own resolutions in the comments below or on social media with the hashtag #ReadingResolutions.




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January 13, 2015