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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Living History

What’s the best way to spend your day off from work? Going to a book event, of course! Well, at least that’s what I did this Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Instead of moseying around my apartment, trying to figure out which book to read next, I headed out to my local independent bookstore, BookCourt, for a reading with Jacqueline Woodson and Lynda Blackmon Lowery.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t the only person who had the bright idea to visit the bookstore on my day off. When I arrived, every single chair was filled, and people were already lining the walls, sitting on the floor, and crowding behind the seating area. Even though I didn’t snag a seat, it was thrilling to see so many people—kids and adults—excited to see an incredible award-winning author and the youngest person to participate in the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery.

Jacqueline Woodson started off the event by reading from her book Brown Girl Dreaming, and Lynda Blackmon Lowery followed with a few chapters from Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom as well as anecdotes from her personal experience with the civil rights movement. During the audience Q&A, there were a lot of questions relating these books—two memoirs about coming of age during the years of the civil rights movement—to current events. These books may be about a moment in history, but they  remain very important now.

Many congratulations to Jacqueline Woodson for the multiple awards Brown Girl Dreaming has received: National Book Award, Newbery Honor, Coretta Scott King Author, and Sibert Honor! Brown Girl Dreaming is available now from Scholastic Reading Club.



About the Author: Rachael Stein is the editorial assistant for Reading Club’s 4th Graders and up catalogs. Outside of work, she eats, sleeps, and breathes YA. She does the same at work, but adds in middle grade for a more varied book diet. Don’t worry, she also eats (and loves) real food too!

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