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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

#LoveTeachers: Sharon Robinson

When thinking about her favorite teacher, Sharon Robinson doesn’t recall just one. Instead, she attributes most of her authorship and storytelling inspiration to an amalgam of “voices” throughout her life.

To Sharon, these voices of friends and family each maintain profound and undeniable teacher-like qualities that shape her as a person and writer.

Hear from Sharon herself in the video below, where she shares compelling life tales and struggles that remind us all that although we may come from different places, we are mostly “held together under the same sun.”

Scholastic Book Clubs Online Video Player.


Scholastic Book Clubs Online Video Player.

At Scholastic’s annual International Reading Association breakfast, Sharon Robinson discusses the many “voices” in her life, her travels to Tanzania to connect with her grandchildren, the passing of her son, her father’s struggle with integration, and her inspiring mother.


Interested in further reading? Check out Testing the Ice, a story about Sharon Robinson’s father, Jackie Robinson.


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