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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

You Can Never Eat Just One!

This year, March 14 is a particularly special day. Not only is it Pi Day, but the full date (3/14/15) extends two decimal places further than usual. Math teachers, rejoice!

But pie isn’t the only food making our mouths water on March 14; the same day is also National Potato Chip Day. Americans consume approximately 1.2 billion pounds of potato chips each year!

Considering the variety of potato chips available, perhaps this number isn’t that surprising. Every person has his or her own chip preferences. Personally, I like to keep it classic and stick with sea-salt kettle chips.

According to legend*, the potato chip was invented in Saratoga Springs, New York. This delightful snack was supposedly invented by a frustrated chef who was trying to make a customer happy. The unhappy diner kept on sending his French-fried potatoes back, claiming that they were much too thick. The chef cut the potatoes razor-thin, fried them, and added extra salt. Thus the potato chip was born!

Potato chips are so popular that we at Scholastic carry a Potato Chip Science kit, which is available now.

This kit boasts “10 Spud-Friendly Snacktivities” and allows children to enjoy science experiments with a twist. Kids can fire off a propulsion pipe, find their way around with a chip-lid compass, or even carve a shrunken “spud mummy” head. True to the kit’s motto, “You won’t believe what you can learn from a potato chip!”

Inside pages from The Potato Chip Science Kit


So join in the fun this Potato Chip Day and always remember: you can never eat just one!


*It makes a great story. It is part of American folklore, but there’s no truth to it! Visit snopes.com for more details!


About the Author: Lori Wieczorek is the Editorial Manager for grades 2 and 3. She loves spending time in independent book stores, cinemas and any New York City park that you can actually hear birds. One of her favorite children’s series is Elephant & Piggie, she finds herself more of a Gerald than a Piggie. 

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