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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

How Do You Like Your Pi Served?

In celebration of Pi Day this year , I decided to harken back to my high school days and write a Pi Day poem. What is a Pi Day poem, you ask? Well, I’m sure there are a few variations, but I’ve always written them where the number of letters in each word corresponds to a digit of pi. For example, with the first three digits—3.14—the first word of the poem has letters, the second has 1, the third has 4, and so on.

But what do you do when you hit the digit 0? Good question! To be honest, until this year, I’d never written a Pi Day poem that went past the first 0 digit in pi. The easiest thing to do is to just skip them—since there are no words with 0 letters! Or you can challenge yourself even more (like I did) and use 0s to mark a new stanza.

Totally simple, right? And what better way to celebrate Pi Day than with a perfect union of numbers and words?

So, without further ado, I present to you my Pi Day poem:


An Ode to Pi(e)


Pie: I love a slice!

Chocolate to cherry, pecan and apple,

Custards, blueberry crumble, meringues!

All in all pleasant, even divine;

So superb that I’ll get cravings for it—

Another delicious piece!


I’m entirely enamored with a versatile dessert.

I cannot undertake nor sincerely persevere

For without crust, I—


Books, distract me!



Perhaps this obsession, this diet means…

Celebrate Pi Day!



Including the 0s, that’s a whopping 65 digits of pi—a personal record! Here are the digits (I even left spaces for my line breaks so you can keep me honest!): 3.1415 926535 8979 323846 26433832 7950 2884197 169399 37510 5820 9 749445 923


What do you do to celebrate Pi Day?


If this poem has made you hungry for pie, check these books out:


About the Author: Rachael Stein is the editorial assistant for Reading Club’s 4th Graders and up catalogs. Outside of work, she eats, sleeps, and breathes YA. She does the same at work, but adds in middle grade for a more varied book diet. Don’t worry, she also eats (and loves) real food too!  


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