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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Celebrate Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month! For a long time, history books focused on the accomplishments of men, almost entirely ignoring those of women. In 1980, President Carter designated a week in January as  National Women’s History Week to help draw attention to the contributions of women throughout history. Starting in 1987, Congress expanded the week to the full Women’s History Month marked today.

One exceptional collection about daring women perfect for this month (or any other!) is Rebel in a Dress: Adventurers. This is a uniquely crafted visual exploration of 12 powerful female historical figures. The book is jam-packed with important facts, fun anecdotes, illustrations, and even photos of primary sources. The colorful presentation of each of these women’s stories engages the most reluctant of readers. The book is a visual journey, historical narrative, and reference tool all in one.

It features familiar stories of women such as Amelia Earhart. But there’s also Susan Butcher, an accomplished and fearless American dog musher. And don’t forget Nellie Bly, a famous female newspaper journalist who traveled around the world in a little over 72 days to report on the experience (much like our fictional friend Phileas Fogg from Around the World in 80 Days).

As its title suggests, Rebel in a Dress: Adventurers places emphasis not just on discussing the achievements of these notable women, but also on sharing their stories. Each of their undertakings required a sense of adventure. Courage. Nerve. As its back cover says:

“Here are the true stories of twelve very independent ladies. The voices of these women are brought to life through fun facts, quotes, and photos, and the special qualities it takes to become a hero are revealed. Everyone has the spirit of adventure; these women will inspire you to express your own!”

Where will your adventures take you?


This book—and other great titles—serve as building blocks for teaching women’s history in classrooms. Head over to our Women’s History Month online page to browse a wide-ranging collection.



About the Authors: 

Rebecca Yoshor is a Merchandising Assistant for Scholastic Reading Club. She like cappuccinos, anything and everything YA, and beautifully illustrated picture books. Her dislikes include cold weather and video games. 

Jamie Turak is the Merchandising Coordinator working with materials and resources for teachers. If he were a pirate, he’d tame a mischievous monkey and use the phrase “greasy sea dog” a lot. In real life, he enjoys burritos, good disco, and reading a classic novel or a fresh issue of The Economist.


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    I cant find “Little Women” it is in the flyer sent home with my daughter. She put he set on her Christmas list so I wanted to order it online. It is Little Women Set for $7.00 item#47T3
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