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August 10, 2016


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June 1, 2016

Take a Walk in the Park!

Nothing is better after a long, cold winter than being able to take a walk in the park and enjoy the sunshine and greenery. It may still be pretty chilly in New York City, but at least the snow has melted, and I can imagine strolling in the sunshine very soon!

To get ready for the day I can wander without a coat, I’m reading a few of my favorite children’s books that promote enjoying and respecting the outdoors. These books are also great because they remind children (and adults) that the best part of exploring and enjoying nature is having someone to share the experience with!


Lola Plants a Garden

In this delightful picture book, young Lola is inspired through reading to plant a garden. Her hard work and persistence are rewarded with beautiful flowers and tasty fruits and vegetables that she invites her friends to share!


Just a Day at the Pond

Featuring the popular character, this book recounts Little Critter’s day playing outdoors with his grandparents and younger sister. He fishes, hikes, and even learns to swim, all while enjoying the company of his family.


Curious George Plants a Tree

This picture book shows Curious George enjoying the outdoors and working to improve the environment. George gets into a little trouble when he tries to recycle the entire neighborhood’s newspapers, but he eventually manages to get the entire community involved in planting trees.


These adorable characters and stories will help tide me over until I can take a daylong walk in the park once the weather improves. Is the weather warm enough for a stroll in the park where you live, or will you also have to live vicariously through books?

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  1. Alexander Green

    This past Saturday afternoon I went for a stroll in Central Park with my mom and dad. It was a beautiful day and I was happy that I got to walk with them alone without my brother and sister. The weather was really nice but I can’t wait until the leaves come out and make Central Park even more beautiful. Also I read Curious George Plants a Tree and I really liked it.
    Thank you.

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